Alleged iPhone 6 Box Insert Emerges


New photo of the iPhone 6 box insert published by the French site Nowhereelse is circulating the web. It is unknown whether this manual may or may not genuine, since it has “September 9″, date depicted in the manual,then it is assumed that the real thing if high could be announced on September 9, 2014. We will also notice the power button that  has been moved to ... Read More »

New images show the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 design Next to iPhone 5


Increasingly is becoming less for the iPhone 6 is officially presented and finally becomes a reality, and it shows in the amount of rumors and leaks that arise through the network. We have a few days where the drip is growing rumors, which sound with great force. The last thing has come to the network are a series of new images comparing a supposed iPhone 6 ... Read More »

4.7-inch iPhone 6 Compared To 5.5-inch

There’s no doubt about the arrival of two versions of iPhone 6 different, at least for its size. As if the leaks did not serve to clear doubts, recently produced official confirmation from an official agency of Thailand finished clear the mystery. Failing that Apple shows the potential of both teams, it is a fact that the iPhone 6 will feature model 4.7 inch and 5.5-inch. ... Read More »

GoogleNexus 6 To Be Called Nexus X


The Motorola phone that Google is preparing to release as Nexus 6 will have a different name known as Nexus X, in which the Nexus brand  would remain , but not a number is used to reference the device. The collaboration between Motorola and Google for the next Nexus phone has been featured in several leaks in recent months. It is assumed that catch the witness Motorola and ... Read More »

HTC Nexus 9 passes certification Wifi

The release date for the launch of the Nexus 9  tablet manufactured by HTC (before October), today we echo of a procedure is mandatory and which seems to have passed the device: the wireless certification which, incidentally, has unveiled many other things. HTC Nexus 9 has passed certification Wifi on August 15 with the ID WFA54709, and she specifies that who made ​​the application HTC Corporation is on a ... Read More »

iPhone 6 Charger With New Design Surfaced Online


Rumors that Apple will introduce along with the iPhone 6 new Lighting Cable with double USB port emerged last week. Today, Weibo posted the first photos of what they call the new USB Power Adapter. Different from the present, looks quite strong, more rounded design. In Australia, Apple already released the same design, but on different metal pins. In addition to the new USB power adapter, Weibo posted another ... Read More »

Rear 5.5-inch iPhone 6L Panels Compared To 4.7-inch iPhone 6

After we have seen leaks  of the iPhone 6 4.7-inch parts, but no components for the 5.5 inches model, the current information, or less, it may be because the model version later than 4.7 inches amount production’s sake. Now,  new images have emerged, having the rear shell of both the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6  and 5.5 inches. You can see clearly the differences in size between the two new iPhone. The ... Read More »

Windows 9 To Be Unveiled On September 30


Microsoft is aiming to open access to the technical preview version of Windows “Threshold” around the end of September or early October. Unfortunately, the source of information to remain in the shadows. It is known that those who set the technical preview edition of the operating system will need to agree on the subsequent monthly updates to it. They will come automatically, the source added. Threshold ... Read More »

Leaked Schematics suggest an iPhone 6 with 128GB Storage Option


GeekBar was posted new components that shows a table and circuit diagram of what belongs to the iPhone 6. From this circuit diagram, there is a  possibility that Apple might offer 128GB model to the iPhone 6 line. In the provided table, there is a description of the NAND flash module 16GB of SK Hynix and Toshiba, 64GB, 128GB of, but there is no description of the 32GB. The reason is unknown. It ... Read More »

Apple To Open The World’s Largest Store In Dubai, UAE


Apple may be planning to open in the United Arab Emirates, the wolrd’s largest store  located in Dubai Mall. The first Apple Store in the UAE would be located in a huge shopping center in Dubai. The international presence of the apple company continues to expand its borders and now it seems they have put the focus on the UAE, one of the world’s richest countries. A few ... Read More »

Apple To Feature The iPad Air 2 With 2GB Of RAM


A new report shows that Apple could double the RAM of the next iPad Air 2 to 2 GB. There have been a lot of rumors about the iPhone 6 and very few on focus on the iPad Air 2, one of the new devices that the Cupertino company will present this Fall. Although too many developments are expected in the line iPad this year, remember that generational ... Read More »

iOS 8 SDK Revealed iPhone 6 Screen Resolution


  Among the different resolutions tested by Apple for the iPhone 6, 1472 x 828 pixels seems weird. Some time ago, Apple was testing different screen resolutions for the iPhone 6, including 1704 x 960 as one of the more feasible given the supposed dimensions of the new terminal. In addition, the benefit of using this resolution is enabling a less drastic transition for both developers and users, since ... Read More »

HTC One M8 For Windows Phone 8.1 Officially Introduced


The HTC One M8 is one of the best Android device, performance and reviews that have gone on sale around so far confirmed it.   The Taiwanese have thought that  it was time to return to the basic by relying on Microsoft for many years when it was still called their OS and Pocket PC PDA those were the rage we all have in mind. The fact is that we ... Read More »

Xiaomi MIUI 6 – Android interface with iOS 7 design


Recently Xiaomi, which the press often calls the “Chinese Apple”, officially announced its new  MIUI 6 smartphone with an iOS interface, working in conjunction with Android, got a lot of improvements and new chips and has an incredible resemblance to iOS 7 and future iOS 8 firmware. Striking resemblance noticeable to the naked eye, and, it appears, even in the smallest details, down to the design of ... Read More »

iPhone 6 Lightning Cable With Reversible USB Connector Leaked


It seems that Apple wants to take care of all the details and thus also improve the cable that can recharge and connect the iPhone. A new video has been allowed to see the new cable, which will keep the Lightning connector but improve USB port. The size and material display, processor, more sensors, a new design, all these developments seem to be protagonists of Apple ... Read More »

Leaked iPhone 6 Schematics Shows RAM Capacity


GeekBar specialized in repairing Apple products, leaked some schematics of what seem to belong to the iPhone 6 to have 1GB RAM chip, nothing different from the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. But now with the new generations of chips and good Smartphone on the market which have 2 GB RAM when comparisons there may be a difference, however, currently   1GB of RAM is still outstanding. ... Read More »

iPhone 6 With Sapphire Display To Cost More


Less than a month before Apple keynote where the iPhone 6 will be unveiled,  it is expected that the price of the 5.5-inch model a staring price will cost around $800 due to the fact of being integrated with Sapphire Glass display. However, the company does not usually make such changes which currency, so it is expected that the price is greater than $600 when it is sold. A very respected person ... Read More »

Photo Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen And Specs Leaked


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Android lovers around the world would have to wait for the fourth generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Each year Samsung is launching two premium smartphones, at the beginning of the year when they released the Samsung Galaxy S5, then the mid 2014 Samsung will release the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as both premium phones. On September 3 will be ... Read More »

CyanogenMod latest update on OnePlus One draining your battery


If you have a OnePlus One, you’ve probably already received the latest update via OTA known as XNPH300. It is also likely you’ve noticed a rather serious problem: the autonomy of the device has been drastically reduced. Well, if so, you’re not alone, and people are already talking about this CyanogemMod problem. The latest CyanogenMod update for OnePlus One brought various of improvements that users really grateful about. The ... Read More »