iPhone 4s users are switching to Samsung Galaxy S5, analysts say


British company CompareMyMobile analysts argue that iPhone smartphone owners are increasingly inclined to buy a smartphone produced by Korean Samsung. According to the firm , 38 % of all buyers of Samsung Galaxy S5, use a program trade-in, before the owners were iPhone. A large portion of them passed the replacement iPhone 4s. The second most popular smartphone, which was changed to become the new flagship ... Read More »

New 4.7-inch iPhone 6 renderings


Martin Hajek created a realistic concept of the new smartphone iPhone 6, which Apple has set for the fall show. Design models based on the latest leaks on the web. Appearance iPhone 6 , according to rumors , combines elements of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Ckruglennaya back cover , large display Ultra Retina with a very narrow frame and protected with a sapphire crystal . ... Read More »

Modular Ara smartphone will be released in 2015


Project Ara, the modular design of Google smartphones was destined to remain a concept intriguing but impossible on a practical level will likely be forced to think again: Big G has decided to bring together between yesterday and today about 200 people at the Computer History Museum to trace the path of the future development of the device, which should lead to commercial launch in early ... Read More »

Apple is testing iOS 7.1.1 update to fix errors


Apple is testing an update to its mobile operating system , according to 9to5Mac. In the log files the site had evidence of the existence of devices on iOS 7.1.1. Since they go online Apple employees from different offices in the United States. Presumably , currently held within the walls of Cupertino technical update of the closed beta for iPhone and iPad. ” We checked the ... Read More »

Corel released Pinnacle Studio for iPhone

pinnacle corel

Corel  released the mobile version of the application for editing Pinnacle Studio. As the company said , the program ” allows you to create real movies right on iPhone». With Pinnacle Studio can be easily mounted in 1080p resolution video and send it to one of the most popular services – YouTube, Facebook, Box, or export the project in the version for iPad. The process of ... Read More »

Millions of Android-smartphone exposed to dangerous vulnerability


Security error Heartbleed, discovered in the protocol OpenSSL, applies not only to web sites and home routers, but also mobile on Android, Ars Technica reports with reference to experts in the field of IT security Lookout Mobile. Devices for both iOS and OS X – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac – are not affected by this vulnerability . Bug , according to experts , include ... Read More »

HTC puts sdk online for second camera lens on the new HTC One (M8)


HTC put online the SDK that allows developers to create the second camera lens One (M8) using smartphone effects. The manufacturer hopes that as more applications come for the second lens on the back of the smartphone. The SDK is available online on the developer site of HTC, though to download a login is required. The SDK contains two APIs: one that allows developers to retrieve information for use in ... Read More »

iOS 8 to feature music recognition based on Shazam


Apple and Shazam will join forces to create a function to identify music tracks iOS 8 , according to Bloomberg. Owners of the iPhone and iPad with the new operating system will be able to identify the name and artist of a musical composition , a device substituting a speaker playing music. Unlike third-party services that are available on many platforms , the function will be ... Read More »

Image iPhone 6 case confirmed a new button Power location


Over the past few days , several thematic resources were sources of new information about the iPhone 6. So , first appeared a picture display device frame . Panel is shown in the photo next to the iPhone 5s, which gives some idea of ​​its size. Later came the “spy ” frame , which was allegedly sealed batteries iPhone 6 , as well as models of ... Read More »

iPhone 6 front panel has 5.1-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio


Production plant in Asia has always served as a source of information leaks relating to new products from Cupertino . Upcoming flagship Apple phone is no exception. Refloated today web picture shows the front frame iPhone 6 , for comparison shot next to the current iPhone 5s. As you can see , the screen size really grown up, and, if you believe the calculations of experts ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint hacked

German hackers were able to bypass the security fingerprint scanner in the smartphone Galaxy S5. As the participants of the German hacker group SRLabs, their method is nothing new. First they photographed the device owner papillary pattern with high resolution, left on the glass surface , and then printed it on a transparency using a laser printer , the adhesive was applied to the image and gave it to dry. galaxy-s5-fingerprint- 1 After some time, hackers separated " cast " finger from the film, breathed on it to impart moisture, and put the sensor. SRLabs participants stressed that the fingerprint - it's not the safest way to protect as people leave them everywhere , and remove them is not too difficult . Similarly, the German experts have managed to bypass biometric security smartphone iPhone 5s. In SRLabs note that in the case of the Galaxy S5 situation is exacerbated by the fact that the Korean smartphone can be acknowledged via PayPal using a scanner . Fingerprint module Touch ID in iPhone 5s is not used for verification of remittances on the Internet , though Apple does not exclude such a possibility in the future. By such attacks vulnerable most scanners on the market , experts say : the problems lie at the very basis of this technology , so to fix this problem is impossible. Biometrics should be used only as an additional factor , and not as the sole means of security. However , this technology , despite its flaws , will be popular because of the convenience and speed , according to SRLabs. Since rest my finger on the button smartphone faster than it unlocked by entering a code .

German hackers were able to bypass the security fingerprint scanner in the smartphone Galaxy S5. As the participants of the German hacker group SRLabs, their method is nothing new. First they photographed the device owner papillary pattern with high resolution, left on the glass surface , and then printed it on a transparency using a laser printer , the adhesive was applied to the image and ... Read More »

At an exhibition in Hong Kong iPhone 6c mock up with 4.7-inch display was shown


If you believe the leaked pictures , common this week , Apple is actively preparing for the start of mass production of iPhone 6. MacRumors first site and a number of other specialized media, citing Chinese microblogging service Weibo photo appeared the front of the smartphone , and within an hour in the network photo was published packed party batteries intended for use by a new ... Read More »

iPhone 6 photo of the front panel leaked


The first image of  the alleged front panel of the iPhone 6 comes from the Chinese social network Weibo, which shows the Apple smartphone with a bigger than its predecessors. It is a particularly intense week in progress , at least as far as the iPhone 6 rumors . Subsequent to the publication of CAD drawings and molds for the manufacture of the rear bodywork emerges online ... Read More »

New photos of molds for the iPhone 6 release confirm 4,7-inch model


Sina Weibo new pictures of molds for manufacturing flagship smartphone iPhone 6. Source , published pictures , claims that they were made in a factory of Foxconn – the main contractual partner Apple. After studying the mold dimensions resource Nowherelese French journalists came to the conclusion that they may be designed for 4.7 -inch iPhone. Approximate dimensions of the device – 138 to 64 mm. Although ... Read More »

Siri vs Microsoft Cortana and Google Now


In 2014, Microsoft Build announced mobile platform Windows Phone 8.1 update at the conference, which is built in a personal voice assistant Cortana. Characteristically, the Redmond company revealed its own alternative to Siri three years after the presentation of ” apple” of the development . Voice search for web content and applications on the device have also in the platform Google Android. Gizmodo journalists decided Cortana ... Read More »

iPhone 5s against Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8: Camera Comparisons


Last Friday, the official start selling Samsung top smartphone Galaxy S5. HTC its new flagship One M8 launched several earlier – at the end of March , getting a head start in two and a half weeks . Design and specifications Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 does not bring any surprises , raising the question of whether leaders succeed Android- ecosystem to compete with last ... Read More »

4.7-inch iPhone 6 To Have A Thickness Of 5.8 mm


Numerous rumors and leaks credited Apple plans to release a new smartphone with a larger screen . The company went on increasing until the iPhone display only once – with the release of iPhone 5 in 2012 . However, the market trend is that the screen size devices is growing from year to year . Apple confirmed the intentions and for electronics OEMs , who took ... Read More »

A new iOS 8 screenshot on iPhone 6 large screen leaked


Weibo, the Chinese counterpart of social network Twitter, a new screenshot pertaining to the operating system iOS 8 running on the iPhone 6. Neither one is not officially announced. Original image resolution – 1600 x 966 pixels , that is quite different from what is available on current models of the iPhone and iPad. This once again confirms that the next generation smartphone will be offered ... Read More »

Auki Cydia tweak sends SMS / iMessage from anywhere in iOS


In Cydia released a new unofficial addon for iMessage – corporate messenger for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A utility called Auki allows you to quickly respond to incoming messages, and assign any gesture Activator to create a new SMS / iMessage. Auki advantage is that it can be used to recruit new SMS or reply to incoming messages , without interrupting other things . ... Read More »