Leak of a promotional flyer hints the iPhone 6 release date and price

iphone 6

A couple month away from its official presentation, the iPhone 6 already being advertise by businessmen from China, specializing in the sale of Apple products already launched an advertising campaign. The web has the image of flyers that shows a flyer with Apple smartphone. They depict smartphones iPhone, reminding one of the concepts that was created by an independent designer on the basis of leaks. On flyers designated ... Read More »

Restore contacts sync via iCloud in iOS 7.1.2


With the  iOS 7.1.2 update installed, some users have found that some of their contacts are missing. Entries disappear from the device or synced through iCloud. As a result, added to the iPhone contacts do not appear on the Mac and iPad and vice versa. The solution to solve this problem is very simple. It is believed there is a bug with contacts associated synchronization causing the malfunction in iCloud ... Read More »

Amazon launched Kindle Unlimited service for ebooks


Amazon launched Kindle Unlimited service for eBooks to compete  with Apple iBooks Store. The new Amazon service offers unlimited access to the entire library of publications available not only to Kindle e-reader users, but Kindle applications on iOS and Android as well. Kindle Unlimited service is prices for $10 a month unlimited access to more than 600,000 titles of electronic products , both text and audio files. Book ... Read More »

Apple signed a contract with Samsung to release A9 processors


According to Reuters, the next generation iPhone and iPad will run on processors released by South Korean firms Samsung, which will begin to supply processors Apple A9, produced by 14-nm process technology. In this case, refers to 2015, when it is planned to start commercial production of these chips. “Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) will lose orders for the next-generation of Apple and Qualcomm, which will cooperate with ... Read More »

iPhone 6 leaked images show a 13-megapixel camera and a battery capacity of 1810 mAh


GforGames published pictures that show components of the nxt-gen Apple iPhone with 13-megapixel sensor and 1810 mAh  Sony battery and 3.82v that belongs to the iPhone 6. The battery seems to in good agreement with previously published images in the media. Earlier, it was rumored that the battery capacity of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will be 1800 mAh. For comparison, the iPhone 5 battery has a capacity of 1440 ... Read More »

Microsoft refuses to release Another Nokia X 5 months after launch


The first smartphone with Android-enabled applications, Nokia X manufacturer announced in February 2014 has been killed by Microsoft just five months after its release. Seems like it was an experiment experiment on Nokia smartphones running on Android for five months. “In the near future we plan to increase the number of devices on the Windows Phone, developing into a more affordable smartphone segment with the brand Lumia. In addition to the ... Read More »

Mass Production Of The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 Will Begin In July, 5.5-inch In August

iphone 6

The iPhone 6 mass production will start in the second half of July, reported by Reuters, citing its own sources. Edition confirms rumors that Apple is working simultaneously on two different screen display models; the 4.7-inch and a larger 5.5-inch. For the release of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6, Apple will meet with the main supplier Foxconn, which, last hired specifically an additional 100,000 workers for this. In this part it ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sales Failed, Analysts say


Despite Samsung advertisement, consumers seem not too actively  be buying smartphone Galaxy S5 smartphone. At least, this is indicated by the results of recent market research. According Counterpoint, in May this year, the Korean manufacturer has sold only 5 million new Galaxy S5, which is less than 7 million sales of iPhone 5s units, which is present on the market for 8 months. Characteristically, Korean flagship in ... Read More »

Logitech announced protection+ Case for iPhone 5 and 5s


Logitech has expanded its range of accessories brand new Case + cover for iPhone 5/5s. Durable Protection + Case protects your smartphone from mechanical damage and thus fully compatible with car docks + Drive, + Trip and battery backup + Energy. Protection + is made of polycarbonate and has a special shock-absorbing insert in the corners, the fall protecting smartphone. Degree of protection cover classification corresponds ... Read More »

How to update OS X Mavericks application icons OS X Yosemite style


Apple undertook a comprehensive redesign of the OS X Yosemite operating system : the interface has been significantly redrawn. Now the OS has a sleek design, translucent panels, avoiding gradients and iOS textures is clearly visible in the desktop platform, and looks much more modern. Icons in OS X 10.10 also unchanged OS X 10.9: they got new minimalistic design and a flat. To learn how to change ... Read More »

Apple introduces iTunes Pass electronic payment service


Apple announced a new service that allows users in the U.S and Australia to purchase iTunes pass for the content in iTunes. From now, you can add funds to your Apple ID and pay for purchases on your iPhone and iPod touch using the iTunes Pass. To use the service, users need to buy electronically iTunes Pass card and place it in Passbook, present on the iPhone. Then ... Read More »

Hacker Geohot took a top security job at Google


The famous hacker who released jailbreak for the iPhone in 2007, got a job at Google. He will enter a team of security experts called Project Zero, where it will search for vulnerabilities in software that provides functioning of the Internet and Internet services. As described in the Google, the idea of ​​creating Project Zero was born itself. Google employees from time to time are searching for vulnerabilities ... Read More »

GooPhone announced the iPhone 6 clone with a 13-megapixel camera and a 4-core processor


  Few months before the presentation iPhone 6, Chinese manufacturers based on various leaks and rumors on the web, already started cloning the upcoming Apple iPhone 6. The  first clone is  called Wico i6,  joined product from famous brand GooPhone.   The Chinese company, regularly produce copies of top communicators from different manufacturers introduced their own version of the iPhone 6 called GooPhone i6. The developer is ... Read More »

Volkswagen to add support for Apple CarPlay in 2016 car models


Volkswagen expects to use CarPlay automotive technology, which Apple introduced earlier this year, with VW cars in 2016,  reported by 9to5Mac citing informed sources. CarPlay allows to connect your iPhone to the system board machines and use the phone as fully as possible, without being distracted while on the road. According to a source, a statement of partnership between Volkswagen and Apple should be announced in the coming ... Read More »

iOS 8 Beta 4 To be Released On July 21


According to BGR, referring to “reliable sources”, Apple released of the fourth beta version of iOS 8 to developers will be on July 21. The first beta version of iOS 8 was released on June 2. iOS 8 beta 2 came out two weeks later, to be specific, it was on June 17. The third build debuted on July 7, which brought a lot of changes, including iCloud Drive, ... Read More »

MediaTek introduced a 64-bit 8-core processor with support for recording Full HD-video at 480 fps


MediaTek  introduced its first 8-core 64-bit processor for MediaTek MT6795 mobile devices . One of the distinguishing features of the MT6595 is the ability to record video in Full HD at a frequency of 480 frames per second. The new microprocessor is based on 64-bit architecture. It belongs to a truly 8-core platforms and includes full 8 cores clocked at 2.2 GHz and technology CorePilot, providing ... Read More »

Video review of the first iPhone clone 6 vs. the iPhone 5s


The Chinese have long been known for their entrepreneurial spirit. Another proof of the iPhone 6 clone running on android OS has been released long before the official presentation of the Apple device . Design and dimensions clone Apple smartphone called Wico i6 is based on information that has long been featured in rumors. The device is equipped with 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 1704 x 960 ... Read More »

Apple and IBM go into partnership to promote business applications to enterprise


Apple and IBM will jointly create mobile applications intended for corporate users, as well as releasing the iPhone and iPad. On Tuesday,  Tim Cook and Virginia Rometta told reporters. “In 1984, we were rivals. In 2014, do not think you can find two as mutually complementary companies. “This is truly a landmark agreement, “- said Cook.   Apple has teamed up with former arch-rival, IBM for the ... Read More »

Microsoft released an update for Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia smartphones


Microsoft released an update Windows Phone 8.1, which is seen on the Windows Phone support page. Starting today,  Lumia smartphone users based on Windows Phone 8 will receive a Cyan software update, including the current version of the OS. Among the main features in  Windows Phone 8.1, there is the virtual keyboard Word Flow, the Internet Explorer 11, Notification Center, support wallpaper on your home screen. ... Read More »

Google has declared war on Flash mobile devices


Google has become the mark in the search results websites operating on Flash, which is unsupported in most recent mobile devices, stated in the company’s official blog. “Often, users are faced with the fact that the sites on the Internet using technology that are incompatible with their devices. Visiting such these pages, they do not see anything but a blank screen, or can not use part of the contents ... Read More »