• md Anjum

    can you provide the same for iphone 3g in laymans terms, would be a great favour. thanks

  • Dst

    It’s work perfect…? because i have iPhone 3gs 16 gb with the new iboot and 3.1.3
    Somebody try with this…?
    Thanks 😉

  • Gman

    can someone pls help me, i tried to do this but was unable to get past the first step, soon as i restore the 3.1.2 restore ipsw, i get an error saying the iphone could not be restored the device isint eligible for the requested build. I even tried to restore it in DFU mode but no luck. Pls help me figure out how i’m suppose to get past this

  • soso

    i have the firmware 3.1.2 in my pc and i have the restore but when i go to itunes and press shift with click i cant see the restores i see only files why? help me:DD plz 😛

  • Danbaar

    i have the same problem as Gman. gets an error that says the iphone could not be restored the device isint eligible for the requested build. Dont know what to do.. pls help

  • saama

    did u get any way to resore ur phone if yes please share it

  • JKrish

    I unlocked my iPhone 3GS but i cannot reboot, when i reboot it’s asking to restore later i ran blackra1n and rebooted it so is there any other way to reboot it without using Blackra1n or Computer
    Pls Help………

  • vishvaa_mithraa@yahoo.com

    PLease help me experts
    My phone has Old boot rom with 3.1.3 firmware. I tried to jailbreak but got into Recovery mode / Emergency Call screen.Then i decided to downgrade to 3.1.2 so that i can jailbreak. Few things done by me as follows
    1. I saved my ECID SHSH file for 3.1.3 in Cydia Server thru Umbrella. ( Cudnt save for 3.1.2 , “ECID IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS PHONE / VERSION”)
    2. Modified my host File
    3. Connected my phone to itune in DFU Mode
    4. Executed TINYTSS.exe with saved ECID SHSH file. i.e., 3.1.3
    5. Tried to restore pressing Shift Key and Selected firmware 3.1.2 ( The firmware which i want to downgrade )
    6. Tinytss informs that the new blog are saved
    7. I get error 1600
    8. Tried in 2 other systems but Same Error
    PLease Help me PLz. I sold my Byke to get this Phone.Hope you ppl undrstand how important this phone is for me.

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