Breathometer: an iOS breathalyzer that reads how drunk you are

By Ross
In iPhone
Mar 13th, 2013


To be honest, we were wondering when would get this kind of accessory for the iPhone. After all, we already had the right to urine analyzer, so why not a breathalyzer test? This is what provides the Breathometer, which presents itself as the first smartphone in the world breathalyzer (although it is not entirely true). The device connects to the port and jack of an iPhone with a companion application, lets you know precisely the amount of alcohol in the blood.


As these kind of units, it’s a venture to be financed by way of customers, however now not by the use of Kickstarter IndieGoGo. The creator of the identical identify thingy, wants $ 25,000 to start out manufacturing of the accent. patrons are invited to pay a penny of $ 20 to obtain a replica in January 2014 (however can provide $ 50 to obtain a edition from the month of July).