DROID tethering is coming early 2010


The good news is that the Droid will have a tethering option; the bad news, you’ll have to wait until next year. Network World has confirmed that tethering will be available for an extra $30 per month for most Droid users.

Verizon Droid owners will be able to sign-up for Mobile Broadband Connect.
Most users will qualify for the $30 option, which lets you use your phone tethered to your computer and gives you 5GB of data per month (each additional megabyte costs $0.05). This fee is added to the voice plan and data plan.


Although a $30 additional charge might seem steep, consider that the Mobile Broadband USB or PC card plan for laptop users is $60 a month for the same amount of data. For that same $60 you can get data on your phone and also tether with your computer. That’s not a bad deal.

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