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Concept of iPhone 7 from a Serbian designer

By Ross
In iPhone
Dec 18th, 2014


Three months after the presentation of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus,  it begins to appear rumors about the next model of Apple smartphone on the web. However. No one else really knows whether the next model will be called iPhone  7 or traditionally have the initial “S”. Concept iPhone 7 from the Serbian dizayneraVsled rumors again began a marathon with concepts for new devices. His vision for the future of gadgets a month ago had demonstrated Martin Hayek.

On the same day his concept iPhone 7 presented Serbian designer Nikola Cirkovic. Having considered the views of the users that the screen is 5.5 inches too uncomfortable, Cirkovic in his visualization of the new smartphone Apple declined to 5.2 inches diagonal.

229Concept designer suggests that iPhone model 7 will be released in two colors – black and white. The image of the smartphone can see fine lines on the top and bottom of the screen – it’s sensors. Their task will be to identify the location of the device – whether it is before the eyes of the user or stored in a pouch or pocket.
Concept iPhone 7 from the Serbian engineer, shows sensors as soon as the smartphone will be served up to the eyes, the screen will automatically turn on.

Accordingly, the screen will remain inactive if the gadget to keep, for example, in the pocket. Cirkovic also considered inappropriate in the new model smartphone presence of side buttons. This is both to improve the appearance by removing unnecessary elements, and thus relieve the user from accidental activation of the iPhone 7.


According to the forecast of the designer, the new smartphone Apple, equipped with a A9 processor, will present in the autumn of 2015. Concept iPhone 7 from the Serbian designer reported that signed a contract with Samsung to manufacture A9 chipsets. Previously, the South Korean manufacturer has broken the deal with Apple over the production of A8 processors , which were equipped in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Now, according to reports, Samsung will provide apple device chips by 90%. According to information available in the new processors to 35% lower power consumption, reduced size of 25% and will increase capacity by 20%.

Gene Munster predicts Apple TV set to launch in 2016

By Ross
In Apple
Dec 18th, 2014


Apple TV set seem to have disappeared from the rumors related to future innovations of the Cupertino company. Alone only Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster does not give up, and again, for the third time, carries the date of issue full TV set from Apple.

The first Munster forecast about Apple TV happened back in 2011 at a conference IGNITION. When it became clear that the situation is developing quite differently, the analyst made in late 2012, moving the TV for 2013. Of course, as we all know, nothing like Apple has not introduced, but because in the past year, Gene Munster took a pause, to return with a new outlook in 2014.

In an interview with Business Insider,  Munster said that television was indeed plans to Apple, but the company took a break to spread the launch of new product categories. Thus, last September were presented Apple Watch, which means that in the near future, expect more and the TV is not worth it. However, the analyst looks to the future with optimism: Apple will release a full-fledged TV in 2016.

It is noteworthy that not confuse Gene Munster has two specific slip, as he says, not even confident about the year 2016, and sales volumes of the potential of the device. Analysts believe that Apple has in the first year of the “bite” 10% of the market of smart TVs, which is about 22 million copies sold. Of course, if every year to say that Apple will release a television, then sometime Munster could be right. In the meantime, continue to perceive this information with skepticism. All probably know only in Cupertino. [via 9to5mac]

How to add a wireless charging to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

By Halley
In Apple
Dec 18th, 2014


Wireless power technology for smartphones is not new. The ability to charge the device by simply placing it on a special stand, is not the first offer Nokia, LG, ZTE and other manufacturers; Apple has ignored such process for its brand new iPhone 6/6 Plus, in the guide below, we’ll show you how to charge your apple smartphone wirelessly.

Wireless Charging for iPhone 6and iPhone 6 Plus


  • Card Receiver Qi Wireless Charging Card with built-Lightning (can be easily found on Amazon).
  • Wireless charging standard, Qi (available from Amazon or you can search among accessories Nokia Lumia smartphone on Windows Phone).
  • Protective cover (optional but desirable).




1. The first step is to configure our iPhone to sync with iTunes on Wi-Fi. It must be done because our Qi-card connector Lightning takes on a smartphone. To continue over and over again not to suffer with wires, simply adjust this synchronization.

To activate the trigger on Wi-Fi, connect your iPhone to your computer via USB. Open iTunes, select iPhone. Under Options, tick Sync with this iPhone to Wi-Fi. Done! In the future, to sync your iPhone with iTunes, connect your phone to Wi-Fi and a power source.

2.Sync your iPhone via Wi-Fi2. Next, connect the card to our iPhone. Insert the connector into the appropriate slot on your iPhone, attach a card to the “back” of the smartphone double sided tape – complete (as in our example) or your own. It is advisable to protect the card protective cover – especially because he obviously does not hurt, and most smartphones.


3. Connect to the wireless charging standard outlet Qi. Done!



wireless charging obvious – the user only has to put the smartphone on the stand, and then the resulting accessory will do everything himself. No wires – all on the precepts of Steve. Beauty! But in addition, there are pros …


Please do not forget that this method of charging is not an official and is already more so – recommended. In case of problems or Apple retail store, the seller may void your warranty. Remember: Perform at your own risk!

It should also be borne in mind that the wireless charging, not the fastest way to replenish the energy of the battery iPhone. In this way, you will charge your smartphone longer.

Also note that sometimes heated smartphone, apparently due to the fact that the charge of the exercises in the “not used” to such a weak charge.
Some users may still need to plug Lightning. For example, it can not do without the use of a number of automotive accessories for the iPhone.
As you can see, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus wireless charging  is possible (but not perfect). It is hoped that in the near future, the technologies will be improved, and Apple will build a wireless charging device for its smartphones.

Review: KitSound Audio Beanie for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

By Halley
In Android Accessories
Dec 18th, 2014

iHat Beanie 03

With the KitSound Audio Beanie, you will be able to listen to your favorite music during the winter season. Indeed, this beanie is integrated with headphones for listening when it’s cold or warm outside.

This music hat is a must-have for any music lover. Done with that annoying earbuds that do not fit nicely and therefore fail every five minutes in your ear. This is not only annoying, but makes your winter gloves every time you need to take off to stabbing them back in place.
The KitSound Audio is a cap with built-in speakers that fall nicely over your ears and comes with touchscreen gloves to keep your hands warm. Despite wearing this audio beanie when it’s cold or hot, you will also be amazed at the sound quality produced.

This beanie hat is great for the winter time to keep you warm and looking great! It has 2 built-in headphones on each side of the beanie hat, you will receive a great quality sound directly through the hat. This cap not only comes with built headphones, but also a pair of horns on top of the cap, for more fun!

Listen to music from your iPhone, Android Mobile, MP3 player or any other PMP with a 3.5 mm headphone jack with this hat and stay warm at the same time. And speaking of your iPhone, headphone jack 3.5mm hat beanie also comes with a built-in that allows you to speak and listen microphone!

Buy this hat beanie for winter months. Brought to you at a surprisingly low for the online leader in hat / headphones and iPhone accessories, Specials price.

Apple iOS 8.1.3 In The Work

By Ross
In Tech News
Dec 17th, 2014

Apple and third-party developers actively testing iOS 8.2 with support for Apple Watch. But this update “apple” OSes do not become the next – it will update to iOS 8.1.3 with error correction. On the existence of a new version of said publication MacRumors.iOS 8 logoZhurnalisty found in the statistics of visits to the site multiple inputs from devices running iOS 8.1.3. For the first time a new version of “lit up” in the logs Macrumors December 8 – the day before the release of iOS 8.1.2. Emphasizes that transitions were recorded from a computer network Apple – historically very accurate proof of the fact that in Cupertino are preparing another update for the iPhone and iPad. The number of visits is increasing (see. Chart below).


We are unsure whether the release of iOS 8.1.3 will fix errors, but Apple rarely sends such “irrelevant” build to developers. In view of the approaching holidays can be assumed that the release will take place in early 2015. If Apple programmers have found some important “bug”, the output 8.1.3 can take place much earlier.

In iOS 8.1.2 Apple has corrected a minor bug with the disappearance purchased from the iTunes Store ringtones. Last week, the company sent the second beta of iOS 8.2 for registered developers. The second significant apdeyte iOS 8 will support smart hours Apple Watch, will be fixed some bugs and noticeably improved performance. Comparison of the iPhone 4S on 8.1.2 and 8.2 is available below:


According to statistics, Apple, iOS 8.x now installed on 63% of the active (attending App Store) iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Rate increases slowly but surely – due to suspicious users who are upgrading their devices just now, and buyers of the new Apple technology. [via MACRUMORS]

Delete pictures permanently from your iPhone or iPad

By Halley
In How To's
Dec 17th, 2014


The only advantage is that your photos in any case can not accidentally delete your device, but difficult if you want to be sure that someone she never comes to see. In the following guide, we explain why you step by step how you can permanently delete a photo from your iPhone or iPad can restore or correct.

Delete pictures permanently from your iPhone or iPad

The following guide will only work on an iPad or iPad with iOS 8 or newer, older versions do not have this functionality.

  1. Select and delete the photo (s) on your iPhone as you normally would do that.
  2. Now go back to the Photos app and select the bottom option Albums . Wipe the same hours every album until the folder you  recently removed will see and open folder.
  3. In this folder you will see exactly how many days the photo permanently from your iOS products will disappear.
  4. For the app to lend a hand, we press the button to select the top right and we select all the photos that should disappear immediately.
  5. After selecting the Remove button and you get a warning that this operation can not be undone.
  6. Select delete pictures and everything will instantly disappear from your device.Additionally, you can also apply the same method to recover photos.

The photos are normally automatically deleted after 30 days, but it simply speeds up the process. We can imagine in any case that you do not feel like having to wait another 30 days before a truly complete picture of your iOS product is gone. On the other hand, it is sometimes a useful tool because it also means that photos that have been accidentally deleted can now be replaced.

Review: Pebble Portable Battery

By Alex
In Android Accessories
Dec 17th, 2014


Veho accessory brand has several models of laptop battery designed for travel. With the same design you see on these lines, the ranges Verto Pebble, Pebble Pebble Explorer XT and sold in various colors and with capacities of 3,000, 3,700, 5,000 and 8,400 mAh, for a price of between $50 to $100.

The smallest is extremely portable and allows you to fully charge most smartphones. But if you have a terminal of the highest range, or want to load a tablet, it is best to opt for higher capacity models

The Pebble is perfect for parties, camping trips, traveling abroad or as an emergency power pack for busy days when the battery devices simply can not keep up. The Pebble charge almost any portable device connectors / iPhone / iPod Blackberry / most mobile phones (see technical details to the long list of devices) / USB devices charged / Veho MUVI and kuzo range. Just load the Callao via USB and use the various adapters to keep all your mobile devices charged.
The Mini Pebble has the smallest footprint size a new ‘card “credit perfectly portable and comes with 4 points, charging cable and funky neoprene bag to carry all.

All include a carrying case, charging indicator light and connectors for smartphones major brands (for the moment, do not include the last connector Apple: lightning).


If the battery of your mobile you left lying every few minutes, or if not enough for what you need on your travels, the solution is a portable battery. With these accessories you can charge smartphones, tablets, e-Readers, pocket players. These are among the the best Android and iPhone accessories.

In addition to laptop batteries with this design, manufactures Veho others with very different designs, from designs for tablet with built-up batteries to carry on your key ring battery, all arranged for smartphones and, at best, tablets.

And, with a capacity of 8400 mAh, battery Pebble lets you load multiple devices at once.. This model has a similar design to the first and although it is a little bigger, still has a flattened shape for easy transport.

Universal ADB-Helper simplifies the use of ADB commands on Android

By Sanie Jazz
In Android
Dec 16th, 2014


In order to “root” or unlock the bootloader  of many Android phones, the  Universal ADB Helper tool create a direct access to your mobile device from your computer and allows many interesting tasks. Only a detail, ADB comes as part of the Android SDK tools, and this file easily weighs several gigabytes (GBs). But there is a second option.

The Universal ADB Helper is a small tool for Windows which allows to do many of the tasks that can work in the ADB included in the Android SDK. Better yet, this simplifies many tasks you do from the ADB with only initiate an option (instead of entering command lines after lines). Among the tasks you can do are:

  • Restart the computer
  • Install App
  • Demonstrate Logcat
  • safeguarding data
  • Make a “Factory Reset” from Fastboot
  • Change boot animation
  • Sign various commands ADB
  • And much more

Via: XDA-Developers

Sony publishes video of how to unlock Xperia bootloader (Android)

By Sanie Jazz
In Android
Dec 16th, 2014


Before you can install any ROM modified Sony Xperia model, the first task is to unlock the Bootloader. Fortunately, unlike many Android manufacturers who do not like to change their equipment and do not share information to unlock the Bootloader, however Sony has shared a video on YouTube explaining step by step how to complete this task.

In the video you can see from a computer with Windows (sorry Mac and Linux) can complete the task to unlock the Bootloader in a few steps. However it should be noted something many teams Sony unlock the Bootloader to implement the “root” or install a modified ROM can have side effects, such as blocking official Sony applications such as the app Remote Play and the elimination of several options in the camera application.

Also another detail to consider, some cellular providers activate a “flag” which precludes the ability to unlock the Bootloader. So while Sony may have the best intentions, your wireless carrier is who ultimately has the final say (unless acquires a direct Unlocked Sony Xperia). Still, very good initiative from Sony. We share the video below with the steps required to unlock the bootloader of your Xperia.

Android 5.0.1 Lollipop Factory Image Available For Nexus 5 [Direct Link]

By Sanie Jazz
In Android
Dec 16th, 2014

Download Android 5.0.1 Lollipop Factory Image For Nexus 5 [Direct Li

Even though the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop may take a few weeks, carriers have already announced the initial deployment from December 15.

This update includes the latest version of Android in which Google has enabled Lollipop so far. The version with the reference LRX2C focuses on improving the stability of the operating system on the Nexus phone. For now, no further details provided by the operators of other new Android 5.0.1 Lollipop.

Although the full deployment of this update may take a few weeks, it’s good to know that the Nexus 5 and will soon have the latest version of the operating system of Google, while other devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3 (in many parts of world), still with Android 4.4. In fact, there is no announced date for these devices in the US, the rest of the world will have to wait for Android 5.0 Lollipop update

Meanwhile, users of Nexus 5 with Sprint and T-Mobile must be outstanding entitling to the new version of mobile operating system from Google since they should be able to install Android 5.0.1, let us know in the comments section what you thing about the new Android firmware.