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Thursday, August 16, 2018

PUBG Mobile 0.4.0 iOS Updated With Arcade Mode And Many More

As part of this commitment to offer players the most genuine PUBG experience, the game today receives its second update, version 0.4.0. This update will include Arcade Mode, the arcade mode...

Sega Mega Drive Mini will Be Released This Year

Sega Mega Drive Mini: Compact retro game console is on the rise somehow. After Nintendo celebrates success with its SNES Mini Classic, rival Sega wants to achieve something similar. Over the weekend,...

Rumors Reveal PS5 Release Date Will Take A while

Sony would like to bring a new game console to market in 2020. Kotaku game site, mentioned ,according to recent rumors, say that the new game console might appear already this year...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remaster Without Multiplayer Coming Soon

Activision is rumored to release a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remaster this year, but without including multiplayer component, sources from Eurogamer and Charlie Intel confirm that. The campaign's remaster...

How To Install iGBA 2.0 Game Boy Advance Emulator On iOS

Although you can find thousands apps and games in the App Store, many old-school games have not been included in the app store so the so-called emulators were created. One of those...

PS4 Cracked Games Appear Online

piracy in the current generation of video game consoles is virtually non-existent, with the PS4 and Xbox One leading the way. However it has just detected a series of games for...

PS4 4.70 Firmware Update Available To Download

Sony made available to download the 4.70 firmware update for the PS4. Among the innovations brought by the update are the introduction of refurbished icons for console applications and the improvement of...

Playstation 5 Might be Presented Later This Year, Report Says

Playstation 5 also know as PS5 is scheduled to be released in 2018, however new report suggest that it might launch sooner than anticipated. With the release of Project Scorpio scheduled...

Call Of Duty: WWII Release Date Details Leaked

Call of Duty WWII was officially announced a couple days ago. The following installment of the Call of Duty saga was released after a good amount of rumors and filtered images that...

Everything you need to know about Destiny 2

Bungie developer and Activision brought out a bang for MMO shooter with Destiny 2. Since it is clear that the fans have long since asked for a successor. Destiny 2 will...

The Nintendo Switch emulator for PC is a scam

During the last days it is circulating in pages like YouTube and GitHub an emulator that supposedly allows to play the games of of Nintendo Switch in the computer. The so-called...

Jailbreak: Nintendo Switch Already Been Hacked

Nintendo Switch is having a spectacular sales in its first release day, as with any console, not only attracts fans of Nintendo and Zelda, but hackers, developers and security researchers are...

PlayStation 4 4.50 Firmware Update Released

Sony has released a video presentation on the official YouTube channel of PlayStation Spain of the new and expected 4.50 firmware for PlayStation 4, an update that will come with many...
Sony PlayStation 5 With 10 Teraflops To Be Released In 2018

Sony PlayStation 5 With 10 Teraflops To Be Released In 2018

PlayStation 4 is currently the most successful console in the market, having a very promising future due to the catalog that is to come, as well as everything it has received....