• fitzos

    thanks ! finally it s works !

  • Chris

    How did you get this to work? I have been trying to jailbreak for hours! I have looked at atleast 1000 different sources tried several different ways and have all failed. I’ve downloaded 4.0.1 from many different sources and every time I try to force restore with an alternate ipsw (command-option-restore) it gives me this “The iPod could not be restored because the firmware is not compatible.” it is driving me insane. I don’t know what to do. ;_; I need help. :[ I am on iTunes 10.0 and I thought if I could get my hands on a 9.2 it would work, but no such luck. I have tried several ways to get 9.2 and have also failed and wasted a lot of time. >_> Someone who can help, please do, it would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

  • ty

    dude thanks soooo so much! it worked great!

  • perezivan8@yahoo.com

    i need help when i try to open the firmware i doesn’t show up

  • iPhone_User0000

    Hi there,
    I have 3gs with 4.2; I have not saved my SHSH with Cydia.
    CAN I STILL downgrade to 4.1?

  • Save the ECID using TinyUmbrella or save itdirectly from cydia

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