• tim

    i got a iphone 3g but after a few trys it still gives error 21 in itunes ? what must i do 🙁

  • Mike solo

    getting error 1602 after doing this method

  • Paulo

    Yeah, i put it on DFU mode, but then i open itunes, shift+click on restore, select the custom ipsw then itunes prep the iphone for restoring, and when it does that it puts the iphone back into recovery mode and i get the error 21 again…

  • remove the “ gs.apple.com” line from your hosts file

  • How do u do that

  • john@hotmail.com

    go onto MYCOMPUTER/LOCALDRIVE/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/DRIVERS/ETC/HOSTS. when you double click hosts open with notepad then follow what iHELP said.

  • hotrevolver

    Browse to Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad.
    Click File > Open.
    Browse to “C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc”.
    Select “All Files (*.*)” from the Files of Type drop-down menu.
    Select “hosts” and click “Open”.
    Close Notepad. Save when prompted.

  • this helps me alot. the difference between recovery mode and dfu mode. the 1st picture above shows on my iphone 5 (which i thought the dfu mode) i have the problem (-1) while restoring the firmware. it always stuck on restoring the firmware part. (final part. the loading bar on the phone stuck at 75%) and it comes back to the image 1 above. i’ve tried it multiple times but still didn’t get a luck. but when i tried it on a different computer the error (21) appeared. this error bring me to this page. i’ve tried using the instructions above. it just need a proper timing. here’s a tip: while on the image 1. start pressing home botton and power botton. the device will shut down and turn into a full black screen. when that happened, wait for just a second and a half and then release the power botton. in this part, the itunes should detect your device and you can now restore it properly.

    -i get the error (-1) by trying to downgrade my firmware from 6.1.2 to 6.1.1 directly without a shsh blob back up.
    -windows 7 intel core i7 16GB of Ram
    -iphone 5 16gb version 6.1.2 (10B146) “A1429”

  • youssef

    what do you mean “Now you SHIFT + Restore in iTunes button to press togethe“

    • ihelpounge Staff

      Click on the SHIFT button on your keyboard, then restore in iTunes

  • Madeline Tanderre

    This seemed to fix my error 21 problem pretty quick…

  • Robert Brockway

    my ipod touch was locked out-any pc i try to sync it with to itunes, I get error Reference #95.f4f454b8.1497758571.16766fb7 what does this mean?

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