• Guigo

    My flash cam isnt working. It is not responding to cam app configuration.

  • TJ

    i am not able to charger my phone to 100% it stucks at 78% of the battery level

  • Mateus

    it works like a charm! thank you very much!

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Plz help ….
    When I am installing new ROM jellybelly…
    It is giving some signature error…..
    I tried all possible sol….But no use…..So PLZ plz Help to sort it out…


    • Chandoo

      disable signature option …you will find it in the recovery option

  • Mike

    Finally after der 1000st try it worked. So happy!

  • Mike

    Make sure you install gapps for jb right after you flashed the rom (before you restart) because maybe you cant access your sd card from new boot menu

  • Chandoo

    Thanks a lot bro …..I have successfully installed it on my defy+

  • Basavaraddi Mudenoor

    Hey Buddy I have installed but failing to get the 2G network rather I am getting internet access to 3G network.

    If I keep the phone in 2G mode and scan then it prompts as no network found.

    Plz help

  • pissed off

    waste of fucking time, so far speanyt several hours reading all this shit on numerous sites, but every fucking download link to the flash files fails. useless shite.

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