• zecaribroute

    Hi guy, That’s a very good work !
    But for me, that didn’t work …
    i have make the exploit tethered and had the message ““Exiting libpois0n”
    So nice white screen, then reboot without any problem … but it seems that i havn’t SSH yet …
    I just try to connect my mac to my iPad and that didn’t work …
    zecaribroute$ SSH root@
    ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
    Same for Cyberduck … Any idea ?
    Thanks a lot

  • If this happens to you too, first start looking if you are using this format to log in the server
    ssh -l [existing-server-user ] [ip-of-the-server]
    ssh [existing-server-user]@[ip-of-the-server]
    Then, and here it was my problem, be sure you have correctly set your
    check the link below for more:

  • parityviolation

    has anyone successufully made this work>

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