• David _T

    Realy don’t care for it,too expensived !!! the service $200.00
    for unlock iPhone ! forget It ! apple store they sell unlock phone,so why spend $200.00 for this service ???

  • David_T

    Too Expensived !!! Go to apple store and buy one !!!

  • Nir

    motherfuckers! $199.99

  • Teacher

    Hahahahahahahaha “ExpensivED” hahahahahahaha! Nice one….

  • lucas

    Hello, I have a question… how do I know the carrier my iPhone is locked to? I do not know, and there is no way to contact the person that I bought it from. I would appreciate your help. Thanks

  • Mr. D.V.T

    Hey ! CutYourSim ! Maximun i CAn pay $50.00 or Less !
    You Asking $200.00 In Your Dream ! Keep Dreaming and Dreaming.
    ha ha ha Gevey Sim It Cost under $30.00.Your Service $200.00
    Fuck You As Hole ! What The Fuck You Think You Are.

  • Tanya Pramongkit

    No way! Too expensive!!!

  • Tran

    It crazy,cost $200.00 then have to wait 5-20 working days
    Are you boys out of your mind ? Nothing But Scammer F**k Y*u

  • ken

    This is a scam ,

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