In the event you plan to jailbreak, you must do a “Full Repair” in iTunes, no longer OTA

By Halley
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Jan 29th, 2013


They released one other detail about the iOS 6.1 jailbreak that is coming out on SundayNow a member of the group sent a tweet @evad3rs explaining that those who want to Jailbreak on Sunday, must complete a restore through iTunes instead of an update OTA (over the air) in the iPhone Settings.

There is a reason behind this, @MuscleNerd explains that  OTA has many variants in term of functionality and that they would consume much more time to test the new Jailbreak for OTA updates instead of iTunes which is the same fresh clean version for all.


So you are able to do it now, as it will probably wait except subsequent Sunday when the jailbreak comes out. My advice is to take out a bit bit as of late or the following day and attach your iPhone to iTunes so that you can restoration the whole model.

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