Installing Android OS on iPhone 3G 0.6 Beta iPhodroid R12 (Mac and Linux)


The creator of iPhoDroid software Sergio McFly made available a brand new model of its device 0.6 beta stamped iPhoDroid R12. As promised, below are all the information to assist you into putting Android OS on your 3G iPhone. The software additionally installs on OpeniBoot providing to give you the chance to begin your phone with the iPhone OS or with the working Android device.

Downloads and Requirements:

  • A 3G iPhone jailbroken in 3.1.2 or iOS four with Pwnage Device, or RedSn0w BlackRa1n (does now not work with Spirit!)
  • Open SSH put in on the iPhone by way of Cydia
  • Have a Mac OS X or Linux
  • MacFuse put in in your Mac
  • Download IPhoDroid from here for Mac OS X and  for Linux.

Set up:

1) Block off routinely on the monitor of the iPhone. To try this, go to Settings -> Normal -> Auto Lock -> By no means t>

2) Run iPhoDroid in your Mac



3) Choose your device



4) Between the password of your Mac.

  <br /> Ipho3


5) Now connecting over SSH, enter the IP address of your iPhone connected to the WiFi network.To view the iP your iPhone, go to Settings> WiFi> select the small blue arrow next to your network and copy the numbers. There will be fifteen steps through which you see things appear in Terminal, which correspond to the extraction, Ala change, and sending the files needed to install Android
on your iPhone.





6) Once the 15 steps are completed, return to the program that will ask us if OpeniBoot is already installed on the device. Select No to continue.



7) Then a new page will ask if you save ouhaitez NOR memory. It is strongly advised to click onYes



To put in OpeniBoot it is important to maneuver the digicam in Scroll Mode. The scroll mode is nothing rather then the restoration mode, then press the Energy button and Dwelling concurrently.

9) There will probably be different tactics in Terminal, however on the finish of this window will seem:



Android is eventually put in to your iPhone. Because the reveal OpeniBoot you could now make a selection to prompt your telephone on the iPhone (aves your whole track, recordsdata and functions), or the brand new running device Android. Have enjoyable!

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