• dk

    Yes, this type of phone is going to common now.
    Dual System: Windows and Google Android. I see a cell phone at http://www.******.com they provides the model call Diamond T5353. Which has Dual System (windows and google android), GPS and WIFI etc..

  • Only comment is that the Windows Phones were around a fair way prior to the iPhone. The iPhone revolutionized, but the smart phone market was originally more of an extension of the palmtop PC market.

  • a1

    The iphone is the most popular touch screen phone on the market today but if you need the functionality of a PDA then the iphone is as useful as a brick. I love using my HTC Touch HD as an MP3 player in the car via wireless A2DP while using Tom Tom GPS for directions, my passenger can surf the web too all at the same time.
    Let’s face it comparing iphone to a Windows based phone is like comparing Apples and Oranges, if the iphone was even trying to compete in the same market as Windows they would have called it the ipda. They knew they entered the game 5 years too late to even try and compete.
    Next time someone tries to disrespect your “Windows Phone”, just tell them this.
    Actually Windows don’t make phones; it’s a HTC/Samsung/HP/Sony/LG/Acer/Motorolla/Palm (whichever is applicable)
    Admitting you think the iphone is great is like saying you’re a moron who can only manage 1 application at a time.
    The reason Apple avoid using usb is because the word universal implies you may give your money to someone other than Apple and that would give Steve Jobs an aneurism.
    If they really wanted you to “Think Different” they would have jailbroken the iphone out of the box, what they are really saying is Thanks for your money and “Keep thinking the same as everyone else”.
    Just because you own Apple products doesn’t mean you’re using cutting edge technology all it means is you’re a cutting edge consumer.
    You better run off and buy something with a little apple on it and make sure its backlight so everyone can see what a valid consumer you are.
    Some of us are old enough to remember apple talk connections as an attempt to stop 3rd party’s sharing any profit and how the whole Apple business strategy sent them broke. Yea I’m an Apple hater, but then most people hate the Nazi’s and I really don’t see how Apples business strategies are any different.
    Peace to all the Apple fanboys, I know thinking for yourself is way too difficult and your only trying to fit in with everyone else. Be thankful I didn’t start on the ipad, or is it the oversized iphone? Thank god you bought that ipod/iphone as well so you can listen to music while you read a book on your usb-less no SD card having ipad, anyway that’s a story for another day.

  • kenny4427

    I by far and away like Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has made many great operating systems over the years, so they have experience. Windows Phone 7 looks user friendly and powerful, and xbox/zune integration is a HUGE plus. And I honestly can’t stand iPhone and iOS, although Android is pretty decent.

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