Friday, April 20, 2018
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iPhone SE 2 To Feature 4.2-Inch Display, Report Says

Is it possible that the new iPhone X design remains exclusively and Apple leave it aside? Well, the answers seem clear as the company itself said that the design of its...

New iOS bug Crashes Your iPhone

  A new bug discovered on iOS 11 allows a user to send a specific character that will block the iPhone with a risk of bootloop and the app in which it...

iPhone X’s Display Causing Eye Strain And Headaches To some Users

iPhone X has raised controversy for its design decisions, but right now the issue that it is causing headaches and eye strain to some users, although it seems a very small...

This Link Will Freeze and Crash Messages App on On iOS & macOS

There is a new link floating on the web. "ChaiOS" is a new link that, if opened in the Messages app on iOS and MacOS, will freeze the recipient's device. As soon as...

Do You Have An iPhone 6? The New Update May Slow Your Device Significantly

With every new iOS update released, users are more likely to update their iPhones to the latest operating system in order to protect their devices from bugs. In this case, iPhone...

How To Remove Music Player Widget stuck On Your iPhone Lock Screen

When playing music on the iPhone or iPad, usually, a device is put into standby mode to play music in the background, but sometimes when you want to switch songs, you...
iphone 6 plus battery

Apple’s $29 iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement Is Unavailable For Now

Apple says that the limited stocks of this period will shift many interventions until March-April with regard to the battery replacement on the iPhone 6 Plus. Delays also expected for other...

Pokémon GO Upcoming Update To Stop Supporting iPhone 5/5c and older iPads

Niantic stops supporting Apple devices that do not get an update to iOS 11. These include the iPhone 5 from 2012 and the 5c from 2013. From February 28, players can...
iphone se 2

iPhone SE 2 Rumored To Feature Glass Back For Wireless Charging

Seems like Apple is willing to release a second-generation iPhone SE by mid-2018, and according to the latest rumors this device can be very interesting. With the second-generation iPhone SE, Apple could...

New Concept Shows The Dark Mode That iPhone X

Since the arrival on the iPhone X,  many people have wonder about when Apple will introduce a Dark Mode which, thanks to the OLED display, would certainly give a fresh and...

iPhone Was Number 1 Most Used Camera On Flickr In 2017

Flickr yesterday released the annual statistical reports of the year 2017 from the well-known photo sharing community. These cameras are getting better and better; the technology used is of higher quality...

iPhone X Review

Design The iPhone X is behind a twin brother of the iPhone 8, and is that its glass back inevitably reminds us of the iPhone X, saving the differences. Even so the...

Microsoft Releases Edge Browser For iOS Without Optimizing iPhone X

Microsoft opened its program so that any user interested in testing Microsoft Edge, the browser is integrated in Windows 10, could do so on their iOS device through the Test Flight...

Apple Releases iOS 11.2 Beta 5 For Developers

Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 11.2 for all registered developers. This new beta of iOS, focuses on solving some performance and performance problems that some terminals have shown, as well...