• Dago

    if you run it in compatibility mode for windows 98 it works perfectly by far the easiest jail break out there and all you whiny little bastards need to shut the fuck up and let the hackers do there thing all u ungreatful little fucks who bitch and complain that it hasnt been released, keep in mind they dont have to release it at all they could keep it for themselves, thats wat i would do if i had a bunch of crying punks hounding me about it major thanks to all dev teams working on firmware to benifit users keep up the good work

  • in-2-ishion

    i adree with you man, ive tryed to write jailbreaks and unlocks man, and its fucking hard, alll you fags out there whove written mods and patches and think you have the right to critisize jailbreakers and unlockers are just seaguls squeeking at hawks. and tea, spirit is da bomb, if you were stupid enough to upgrade to 3.1.3, you deserve to be locked out.

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