• Dirk

    Can somebody confirm that this jailbreak is working properly? (not like the redsnow tool, wich makes your iphone unable to call )

  • Tony

    It works.
    There’s a step missing in the guide. You need to install the included package while PwnageTool asks you for the password.
    I had to install the Safari fix after.

  • Druid

    Can you give us more details on this? What step does this go before and how did you install the package?

  • break

    will the Baseband be preserved?

  • TiCE

    I can’t select iPhone 3G, only 3G(S) and 2G.

  • karl

    does this one jailbreak iphone 3g on the public release ios 4.1?

  • Didn’t work for me to. iPhone 3Gs MB (Old bootrom) error 1604 everytime.
    Tried with iTunes 9.2.x and iTunes 10
    No luck so far.
    Have a friends old iPhone 3Gs old bootrom already with iOS4.0.1 but the iPhone want boot normal so i first tried to restore back
    to 4.0.1 but it woulden because no SHSH saved at all for this iPhone.
    Then i tried the 4.1 Jailbreak process but as i said. No luck.
    So if anyone else gets this to work. Let us all know please.

  • c_xvidtune

    Yes,me too.

  • c_xvidtune

    no iPhone 3G select

  • safsd@dfg.fgf

    me too

  • mrelwood

    Fell pretty short.
    – The iPhone selection screen has different options than in the picture. No 3G available.
    – This PwnageTool doesn’t recognize iTunes 10.
    – This PwnageTool doesn’t recognize iOS 4.1 ipsw.
    – The PwnageTool 4.1 (which is actually 4.01) never asked for any passwords, so installing the included iOS4.1Jailbreaker does nothing.

  • sunXgoddess

    Mega issues – no 3G select, as per your pictures above you select ‘3G’ but point to 3Gs software.
    what gives?

  • luukvmaanen

    does this preserve my baseband on iphone 3g?
    I do rely on an unlock!

  • beau_beaumont

    I’ve tried all the steps but can’t get past the 1604 error. If I switch to dfu mode I just get the 1600 error. It’s a vicious cycle. Does anyone have a solution for that?

  • kenjubas

    I don’t know if this works but, in order to restore to custom firmware you must:
    1)have old bootrom iPhone 3GS
    2)downgrade to 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 and pwn it using redsn0w, blackra1n or pwnagetool (jailbreakme doesn’t work) For 3.1.3 you can use spirit (must install spirit2pwn before trying to upgrade to 4.1 custom) Otherwise you’ll get 1600 in DFU or 1604 in restore mode.
    If you made your custom with pwnagetool 4.1 (unofficial) then ultrasn0w won’t work (you phone will lag alot and will be stuck at “Searching”)
    Here is a link to custom I made using pwnagetool 4.0.1 and a 3GS bundle from msft.guy. It has updated kernel to make ultrasn0w work perfectly on 4.1 . You also won’t need safari fix and cydia will work fine.
    You do need original sim to activate your phone.
    This will preserve whatever baseband you are on.
    ultrasn0w will work if your modem is <=5.13.04 tested on xx939

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