• noel

    after jailbreaking, my phone icon is missing and i cant turn off my iphone.

  • Druid

    Wait so is this jailbreaking the 4.1 OS or is this tutorial to update already jailbroken phones to 4.1?

  • BlueDevil

    This was working for iOS 4.1 BETA. This procedure DOES NOT WORK for iOS 4.1 FINAL, so stay away from it. Jailbreak for iOS 4.1 final is still not available (2010-09-14 15:44 CET).
    If you try this you will have the “missing phone icon” and “cannot turn iPhone off” problems and will have to “restore” in iTunes.
    -= BlueDevil =-

  • bhurtel

    cydia in white color
    no turn off
    no wi-fi
    jail break hasn’t released yet as Bluedevil told !!!

  • No phone icon
    Cydia white
    No turn off
    Can’t restore from iTunes 🙁
    Hope this is updated soon…

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