• bob

    this guy sucks. If you whant a the perfect class you need…
    1.pp90-rapid fire with kick
    5.slight of hand
    6.quick draw
    7.steady aim
    this is the best class. if any body whants to challenge me in a game my email is bonokevin7@live.com send me a email with your gamertag & ill challenge you. warning im one of the best players in the world.

  • Justin

    “This guy sucks”
    WOW, just wow..
    That was a well written article and those tips are most definitely useful. I play FFA almost exclusively and I would offer the same advice.
    You sound like one of those 13 year old kids that’s constantly screaming abuse down the mic and generally ruining the game for people who are just trying to relax after a hard days work.
    My advice to you is to find a game more age-appropriate, maybe Viva Pinata?

  • young_s1989

    agree with thbob on the choices, but tactical insertion? on ffa? thats stupid.

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