• christopher

    The height of technology just keeps rising! The technology seems to on point, and the size and quality remarkable! I’m definitely going to invest in this beauty when it releases. One great thing I’m looking forward to is the apps. Probably one of, if not the first app I would download is DISH Remote Access. Using this app and my 722k receiver with a Sling Adapter; I will not only be able to stream live TV but my DVR recordings to the iPod as well! I recently participated in the Free Sling Adapter offer and was eligible to receive a $99 prepaid MasterCard with the purchase. All I had to do was go to dish.com and fill out the rebate form in order to receive my prepaid MasterCard. As a DISH Network customer and employee, I have been using the app on my current phone for some time now and it is one that I think will be perfect for the Apple iPod Touch 5G! http://bit.ly/lDiR6U

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