• ankie

    @hamzah_akram saying that dev team just calling him fake without checking his work . Atleast check his work may be he has done it . If dev team wont check his work he ll keep saying that he has done it but couldnt release it cuz of dev team . So its better to see what he has done and prove him fake if he really is .

  • ankie

    atleast check his work

  • Roberto

    yes, I so agree with you @ankie ….

  • Magic

    @Roberto & @Ankie … well like @MuscleNerd just said … he did checked his work and with that been said he is totally fake …
    besides u cant ask for more details since @MuscleNerd is the Dev team’s front man …
    hopefully will soon see a real tool to free our idevices.

  • ak47

    Dev-Team must check it and tell him that he has done it or not he might done well work if he done something need help even de-tean do more so listen him and do it

  • Scott

    @MuscleNerd is right. As a long time programmer in multiple languages anyone with programming experience knows what the file crc represents. you CANNOT change the source code of a file without changing the CRC. Wake up those of you think his work is real.

  • All of them a fake….

  • Richy Rich

    Yeah but please please please REAL Devs bring us some more great JB’s, unlocks and tools 🙂
    Thanks for all hard work so far on iOS 5.

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