• Nino Jan

    Having this problem:
    I’ve installed H1Siri with iFunbox, but uninstalled it from cydia. I wanted to install it from the repos, but it gave me the error “Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.”, when i tried to add the repos.
    Any help ?

  • Is your device on iOS 5?

  • Nino Jan

    iphone 4: 5.0.1 jb with redsn0w, also using semitether

  • xavios

    is it only the GUI?

  • It’s the Actual Siri

  • Feeriaan1

    ive just installed, and rebooted 3x’s, I had to use the deb file, but it wont connect like it says it should what can i do

  • Hunain Khatri

    Since Apple’s Siri servers accept the command by generating a special key for iPhone 4S only, it is not possible for H1Siri to connect to the network without using those special keys, it works using some iPhone 4S hacked keys as proxy to H1SIRI but it is very simple to understand that a single iPhone 4S can not send more than 5-10 commands at a single time to Apple server, if it happens the Server automatically blacklist those iPhone 4S keys blocking your H1Siri access. Those who says upgrading/moving their servers are actually fooling people, because there is no such thing as server being used for this hack it is simply iPhone 4S keys hack being updated to work for you. These people are continuously hacking iPhone 4S keys and making them unusable. In all-cases, this h1siri is a failure and can not up but for a while (5-10) minutes to some users.
    Those who are willing to use Siri should go for iPhone 4S or wait for few months when the Jailbreak for 4S is available till then Apple will indirectly allow other iOS Devices to use Siri through Jailbreak (unofficially) as we are enjoying other tweaks and features using Jailbreak.
    One more thing to add; there is nothing illegal in Jailbreak because it is allowed by Apple in some extent to boost up their sales, although it is officially not recommended or not allowed by Apple but they are supporting it indirectly, otherwise they would loose the sale in multitude of their iOS device.

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