• everett

    My iPod app on my 3g isn’t showing any music.. Any ideas on how to get music to play. Everytime I add music it goes into Other on in my phone memory, I can’t access it and now my iPhone is full..

  • Try the spotlight search first, then double click your home button or Back up all your data, restart, reset, restore and jailbreak.: http://www.apple.com/support/ipodtouch/assistant/ipodtouch/index.html.

  • lowell

    when i press shift and restore itunes is not giving me an option to chose a custom ipsw. what can I do?

  • Run Itunes as administrator.
    * That means right click ur itunes program icon and press the option ‘run as administrator’
    * The option doesn’t appear for shortcuts so open up ur itunes program folder:
    Computer > Local Disk C > Program Files > Itunes
    Then right click on the file thats named ‘Itunes.exe’; then click ‘run as administrator’
    wait for it to load and go through all the notifications, sometimes it says theme has been changed. Now use the shift + restore option.

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