• yok

    vay amına goyum

  • Jesse

    OMFG I hope so! There’s hope after all!!!!

  • Jason

    These Arabs are awesome and smart coming out with unlocks and jailbreaks like sheriff hashem and Hamzah Akram and iPhoneislam… thanks 😉

  • josh

    thanks to all the smart arabic people finalley

  • Ranj Abdullah

    yaaass thank you..these arabs is brilliant…iam waiting the good news…

  • thanks for the update…
    i will be waiting for this…..
    my Iphone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 has gone locked on baseband 04.11.08

  • s_nsoh@yahoo.com

    awesome.. you guys rock..i can’t wait for this..i need to get my iphone unlocked

  • Shah

    wow. gr8 if it is really comming in near future, else we r listening unlock from 2010 n its 2012. anywayz hope sustains life

  • Vhambee

    OMG!! thanks at last i can use my iphone…….ARABS ROCKS!!!

  • Vhambee

    Thanks God at last i can use my iphone!! ARABS ROCKS!!!

  • farhan

    thank god way to man…pakistani rockzzz…

  • BaseBand 4.11.08

    Is there any success or just useless talks?

  • Lakers2

    you guys no need to give update. just bring that shit out. i dont wanna hear ur working on it. just the solution

  • lee

    gevey sim is coming with solution for 4.11.08 baseband
    they say do not update the iphone through itunes the new release software is coming to iphone with new baseband which is unlockable.

  • rog ali

    Any luck with i phone 4 4 11 08

  • Abara alam

    love you muslims,,i hope these muslims will soon realease any solution inshallah.
    sheriff hashem and Hamzah Akram work

  • winjovin@hotmail.com

    the jailbreak simlock set with iOS5.0.1 9A405 04.11.08
    is it unlock available ?
    or any solution ?
    URGENT need it

  • ghouliat

    This guy is a faker as its confirmed by Dev Team genuine hacker MuscleNerd, is it out for fame freak, but the good news is that Gevey has confirmed the release of their next unlocking sim which supports BB 04.11.08 and here is the quote:
    “Finally ApplenBerry confirmed that a new Gevey SIM will unlock iPhone 4 baseband 04.11.08….
    They mention a release date of somewhere between mid-to-late February but we can not confirm this. As soon as we get confirmation on a release date we will post it on Unlockboot.”

  • webmedia

    I have iPohne4 AT&T firmware 4.11.08 any one tell me how to unlock this one?
    Thanks in advacnce

  • Sunil

    Thanks ghouliat , thats a good news .

  • SEAN

    hello there stated in the twitter quotes software and hardware unlock what might this be????? BLOODY AMAZING FINALLY SOME HOPE THANX GUYS KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!!!!!!1

  • thanks man… lets work on it!!!!

  • jungleman

    keep up the great work

  • Il tavolio

    No solution is done yet, since october hasim is working on it… I only can say, where is GEOHOT!!!! Musclenerd is being paid by apple, same as Iphoneislam…. apple gives them the money and the tools and they say it is theirs… look the timing and the tools….The only one that actually did something is GeoHot, all the others are still working and using what he did and it is called LimeRa1n…bunch of posers

  • stupid unlockboot

    you unlockboot are shitty bad guy when you post any video on youtube you disable thumbs up and down because you know you will get bunch of thumbs down because of your fake video just to make money!!! SHAME ON YOU … the link you provided on youtube for “patch” it has a maleware.

  • Abu Qatada

    What a joke!
    Now Arabs are the geniuses of the world of technology today!
    Stop that game masons! We are needless of your distructive technology!

  • arpit parakh

    cool i am happy for this news if this is true than i will pray to god that he will bring all your dream true to you.

  • Jibran

    GOD DAM you all…i listining this shit from last 4 months and nothing came out you all bully are playing and Hamza i you have something then just give to us why making shit all over the net…they will not make any unlock for because they can not sale GEVEY SIM

  • JAke

    Err.. if my phone only receives service in certain places ( mainly outdoors ) does that mean my phone is locked?

  • George

    React0r unlock for iphone 4 baseband is already done and you can test it.

  • Nilesh Varhekar

    Thanks you very much that menas my i phone 4 unlock assoon as possible plz update.

  • ranja kumar

    i phone 4 basebrand 4.11.08 US AT&T unlock in india possible with Gray sim available in Delhi rate Rs 500.oo

  • dr.dev

    when this great work completed

  • ahmad

    any update about this please ???

  • Ravi_dmx

    Dear friends. Its not that they didnt find the unlock but they’d rather sell it than to distribute it free. And i will believe shit when i unlock my phone. I was also waiting like everyone else . But when i heard sheriff hashim was using and advocating gevey sim to unlock his iphone ,i knew that chances are grim. Meanwhile i guess geohot was doing stuff to get an employment . Last i heard he was about to unlock the iphone 5 thats still to be launched in near future . I think apple shud themselves free iphones of all restrictions in the name of freedom. We buy phones and we must be able to choose our service providers. No one raises their voices in the name of freedom. Silly really . A company telling you what to do what not to. And sad ofcourse .

  • Govindhan

    I want to know when it is going to release plsss…..

  • savana09

    hi there
    I got the same phone like yours If you ll find any solution to unlock it just let me know. thanks

  • waseem

    im happy to say that muslim is working on baseband 4.11.8 to unlock iphone 4 keep working definitly you will unlock.inshallah

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