I have a iphone 3GS 5.0.1 baseband 6.15.00.
    I have jailbrake my mobile.
    I have cydia and I have ultras0w 1.2.5 and my phone is still locked to vodaphone uk.
    Do you know why?
    Can you help me to unlock my phone?

  • Did you follow the above guide?

  • sijones

    I have an iPhone 3GS that was bought second hand. I was told it was unlocked when I bought it. It turns out it isn’t and is locked to 3. It is running version 5.0.1 with baseband 05.16.05. I have run a jailbreak on it and installed Cydia but I’m still not able to use a giffgaff (O2) sim in it.
    It is really doing my head in now.
    Someone please help.

  • hey was wondering if there has been any new updates on baseband 4.11.08 unlock yet?

  • got the latest firmware added too.guy i bought it off restores so it updated everything. ios 5.0.1 baseband 4.11.08… any news on this being unlocked? i have the phone jailbroken just not network unlocked

  • alexaeravien

    i have the same problem… but mine is still locked with at&t, id like to use it here in the philipines… do you have the answer already? if you do please tell me how to do it

  • marc

    hello,First: i got an ipod 3eme generation avec with version 5.0.1wifi only
    second ipod with 3 eme generation and version 4.3.5 wifi only
    third ipod 4eme generation with version 5.0.1 and camera
    can someone tell me what firmware i need ans an easy way to do it please
    i been read many web site ans im kind a lost please help send msg at:recuperemg@hotmail.com

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