Previously week we’ve got quite a lot of posts that lost sight of the imaginable new iPhone annoucement in September. Nowadays, rumors surfaced that the launch of the iPhone 5 will be delayed because of a scarcity of 28 nanometer processors. This will likely lead to a tremendous drawback for Apple, particularly after this quarter monetary outcomes disappointing. The competitor is at present killing and the prolong of Apple's main product will also have major financial implications.

The Chinese newspaper Financial Daily know for a fact, reporting that the iPhone 5 launch will be delayed by a shortage of 28 nanometer chips. It is certainly not the first time we pass by these rumors every year, similar rumors in the world helped, and it is therefore the question how much value should we attach to these rumors.

Yet this year might not be as far-fetched given the problems with production of the new chips, but during the presentation of the financial results, Qualcomm announced that the problems with the 28nm chips are as good as solved. It is in line with expectations that the 4G/LTE Qualcomm chips will be delivered in time for the new iPhone 5, this chip also can be used worldwide, the current 4G chip of the new iPhone works only in few countries.


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