Windows 8: Refs, the successor of NTFS, has just been announced by Microsoft


Needless to say, on the time when Microsoft began releasing some information about Windows Vista, the company had promised the advent of a new file system. It was incredible, it was great, but is still waiting. Yes, and finally, it took no less than two versions and then a few more years in Redmond to honor his promise. The REF is the name of the new file system, will therefore succeed the NTFS and make his weapons of Windows 8 and we just know more about the subject since the firm issued earlier in the week an article on one of its official blogs to tell us a little about the subject.


Windows 8: Refs, the successor of NTFS, has just been announced by Microsoft

But be careful because at first, the REF will be dedicated to the server version of the operating system. To take advantage of all the other versions of Windows 8, it will have to wait weeks or months longer. However, what is known is that the REF contains some of the code of NTFS and will be fully backward compatiblewith it. Good thing, of course, but note that this is not a simple evolution of NTFS. In fact, the REFS will bring four new features:


  • Verification and self-correction of corrupted data.
  • Adaptability to large amounts of storage.
  • Improving the overall resilience of the system. (*)
  • Maintaining access to files in case of corrupted data.

(*): For those unfamiliar with the term, the resilience of a system allows it to continue operating in case of failure severe.

On paper, therefore, the REFS looks very promising and should allow most operating system under the plant, including in the event of data corruption. That said, we’re still going to wait and see what is the new file system on the ground before kissing with open mouth engineers Microsoft . However, we can still point out that the company seems determined to erase all the defects of its previous operating systems and can therefore be congratulated.


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