Today nearly one could say that it is confirmed that the iPhone 7 will future chip A9, the new version of Apple processor will be more powerful and rumored most of the production will be held by Samsung . But there are many things that must be taken into account and users are already imagining how they want this smartphone.

No doubt that the current flagship of Apple have very good features, but there are always things that can be improved. Therefore, from iPadizate we do a small collection with the functions and features more acclaimed by users to be part of the iPhone iOS 7 and 9, many of which you have told us in other occasions you own.

1. Camera  with 13 megapixel

A few days ago came to light a rumor in which he spoke of the possibility that Apple keeps the 8 megapixel sensor for the next generation. However, many people expect the iPhone main chamber 7 is at least 13 megapixels.

2. More RAM

Another thing we like to see in the iPhone 7 is a 2GB RAM because it is another component that seems the Apple struggle to improve. Although it must be said that currently the current models offer great performance.

3. Display with sapphire crystal


We were disappointed to see how the Cupertino used this material in existing models and some believe that the iPhone 7 could be the first smartphone to feature sapphire crystal screen, highly scratch resistant material. But now the possibility that they can use the Project Phire arises, new material presented by Corning that has resistance Gorilla Glass Falls 4 and hardness versus sapphire scratch.

4. 2k Resolution  and Thinner bezels


Another of the changes that the more we have commented that I’d like to see in Apple iPhone 7 is to reduce the size of the bevels of the screen to get it to be something bigger without increasing the overall size of the device. In addition, it would be nice to have 2k resolution of 2,560 × 1,440 pixels.

5. A Mini Version 4 inches

Increasing the size of the screen has been a great step taken by Apple, but some users still prefer something smaller smartphones. Therefore, it would not hurt the possibility of launching a mini version of the iPhone 7 4-inch screen, which also benefit them to cover a wider audience arise.

6. New design for the back

The new design released with the iPhone 6 is very elegant, but the lines that have the back cover never quite be liked by many. Therefore, the iPhone 7 could release a slightly modified to eliminate design.

7. Back cover made of liquidmetal

5.5-inch models have been affected by the Bendgate, the problem that caused the doubling enabled device. If you use a material such as liquidmetal could significantly improve endurance and avoid having to deal with problems like this on the iPhone in July.

8. Resistance to water and dust

Many competing smartphones already have this feature as standard, but as has happened with other features, Apple refuses to incorporate. In the case of the iPhone in July had resistance to water and dust, plus the rest of its features, could make him a truly amazing device.

9. Priority Mode or guest mode


This one more feature for the iPhone 7 form part of iOS 9, the version of the mobile operating system will come with the next generation, so too could benefit from it on supported devices. We speak of a priority or guest mode, which would be very useful when we left the smartphone to another person and we want our personal information is protected.

10. Improved Multitasking

iphone5-pf-pyramid_features_printFinally, another feature of iOS 9 would be nice to see in the iPhone 7 is an enhanced multitasking. With iOS 8 Apple has made some other improvements, such as the ability to quickly access our favorite contacts, but could include new features such as being able to close all applications at once, among other things.

Here are the 10 things we’d like to see in the iPhone 7, the future flagship Apple will arrive in 2015. However, we still have to wait a few months to see what the boys in Cupertino have decided to this smartphone.

Apart from these, what other things would you like to have the iPhone 7

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