10 reasons to buy an iPhone or iPad


ipadAndroid and iOS – the two leading operating systems in the mobile market . While Apple is suing manufacturers continuously due to copy their technology, design and functionality of the above operating systems vary substantially . Mobile-review authors named 10 reasons that can persuade consumers to the side of the gadget on iOS.

1. Design and quality of materials

Metal has a metal, glass has a glass. If what products and can stand comparison with the technique Apple, it is only the product Sony – and that ‘s not all. It only about appearance. Do smartphones and tablets Apple has its own personality , charisma, is recognizable things become iconic on the right , millions of people voted for this design your money. Anyone who does not care for the design , can choose any other gadgets. Anyone who appreciates the visual and tactile sensations in the hand is worth twist iPhone. IPad or compare with any other tablet. Has value and durability of the materials used .

2 . Opportunity to profitably sell

That’s just one example. User posted the ” Avito ” ad to sell iPad Mini with scratches behind, without the box, but was bundled cable and carrying case. Price not set this too small . Just an hour later came the first call . Then the second , third, fourth. After a couple of hours came buyer haggled , bought . Without guarantee, without reproach over the state . Imagine such a technique with Samsung or HTC is simply impossible. For many, it is not particularly important , but for some the money factor will be decisive .

3 . Updates and continued support devices

As updates occur on devices Android? Hard to say. Each brand has its own system and its own characteristics. And about the version of Android , many simply do not know . Apple has all strictly . Sprouted update hits the entire device , often brings not just invisible changes and improved functionality. Even for older devices – iPhone 4S users get virtually the same bun that owners and iPhone 5S. No discrimination .

4 . Repair – no problem

An important detail for the years since the advent of the iPhone in Russia , there were hundreds of services, where you can have the unit repaired . Yes there are hundreds of thousands! In which case , repair the iPhone or iPad you can and one of the few formal or informal service centers. Availability of service – this is a big plus. Do not think about when everything is working fine . But if you know for a tendency to break smartphones , it is best to choose one that can be repaired without any problems . And by the way , Apple repair technicians are not so expensive – the whole thing is in competition.

5 . quality applications

Most interesting new programs now come for both iOS, and Android. Surely you remember the story of the Instagram, until that time, this was a popular utility is only available for iOS. But even if the program exists , for two operating systems , it often works better and looks like it is on iOS. Faster updates appear , appearance , fonts may be something interesting , and functionality may differ . This point can be important for those who like to install all new and exciting to receive updates of the first .

6. Convenient data recovery

Annual ritual with old iPhone make a backup , then connect the cable new iPhone and get all the old to the new device . Call history , messages , programs, photos and videos , music – almost everything. Now it remains only to enter all passwords and start using your smartphone. As before. This applies to any device with iOS. Your data will not be lost , even if you lose your smartphone . Importantly, do not forget to make backups .

7. Access to iTunes

One of the reasons to choose iOS – store iTunes. Music Catalog works perfectly in conjunction with Shazam – most recognized tracks here you can buy. I’d like to trade in Russia earned radio – forward to next year ? Although without this you can use any application for Internet radio or music-related services , from music in “VKontakte” to Spotify ( if you have an American account Apple). Has value and sound quality , most iOS devices this is all right, and you can be sure , iPad mini quite able to replace a smartphone, if you suddenly want to listen to something .

8. user-friendly interface

Not familiar with iOS? Do not know where to start? Follow your instincts , that’s all . The system is so simple as possible . In relation to the iOS saying ” handle and child” has a literal meaning . Children with her excellent job , and if you want to teach from childhood child to modern technology , this operating system – the best choice. Just do not forget about the parental control.

9. Wide range of accessories

Naturally, it’s not about covers – this good enough now for any device. It was more about the unique pieces . Some sports bracelets and interesting gadgets only work with iOS, and progress in the creation of programs for Android is not expected. Want an example ? Please for bracelet Up utility for Android appeared a few days ago . A sale is the third generation of ” up .” If you love all sorts of interesting gizmos , you should choose iOS.

10 . Apple branded services

iOS provides access to a variety of branded services Apple – Find My iPhone lock activation , cloud iCloud, AirDrop, FaceTime. To iMessage, for example, you get used to very quickly, it’s a great alternative to any messenger – especially when you start to write messages on the smartphone and laptop Apple. All correspondence is preserved and there, and there , you can easily add photos, videos . And hard to imagine without the iOS iMessage.

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