10 Ways Apple Will Mark Out 2015



New Year’s Eve – a great time to take stock of the outgoing year, as well as the time when the plans are drawn up and promises to ourselves for the future. Someone voiced their dreams, someone predicts the future, it is so nice in a festive mood to think about the positive prospects. Such thoughts betrayed and writer for VentureBeat, Mark Sullivan. He decided, half seriously, half in jest, imagine what we can to please Apple in the future, 2015.

1. Plastic iPhone, again

It seems that iPhone 5c was quite successful, so in June we are waiting for the release of new iPhone models 6 and 6 Plus, this time in the plastic. The main plus of new products – is, of course, their price, and of cheerful colors too. For Apple iPhone line extension is beneficial for distribution of devices with NFC-chips that will allow access to Apple Pay more users. Also, more consumers will be able to get smart phones that are compatible with Apple Watch.

2. iPhone 6s

According to previous schedules releases new devices in 2015 will be released iPhone 6s. Among his chips worth waiting an improved camera, sapphire glass on the screen may function display content in 3D. Depending on the solution of the problem with the supply of sapphire or 6s come with 6c in June or in the fall.

3. Apple Watch

New from Apple could revolutionize the field of smart hours, if indeed demonstrate all the capabilities claimed by the manufacturer in actual use. That’s why Apple Watch and wait with impatience. In addition, wearable gadget Apple threatens to change the fate of the company’s competitors – Samsung, Motorola, Sony and Pebble. In any case, the wait is long, and with the release of Apple Watch the situation is more or less clear. Applle watch to hit the market on Valentine’s Day

4. More freedom smart watch

In the next generation Apple Watch iPhone will not need to make payments through the Apple Pay. There is evidence that Apple has developed for its smart hours separate NFC-chip smaller. And if in the first generation gadget will still need the iPhone to make a payment, the clock will run more independent. Then Apple Watch will store any financial information to connect to the Internet, and then transfer it, or can transmit data using a terminal in a shop seller.

5. Complete the launch of “Health” App

The Cupertino-based company finally explain how the same should work platform and application HealthKit Health. After the official announcement of these products, many were at a loss as to their functions and principles of use. Will it be a cloud service, real-time updating and storing data on the physical state of the user? Or the information should be communicated from application to application at a certain time?

At this moment it is already possible to use HealthKit, collecting a total of the information in the program data from Health different devices and applications. But one thing is simply to aggregate data, and quite another – seriously analyze them and give instructions on how to adopt the necessary measures. In general, all will become clear in the next year.

6. Internet and music

In 2015,  Apple,  will finally launch a streaming music service with the possibility of registration of subscriptions. In general, it is strange that with all the existing experience and connections in the music industry the company still has not done so. After spent Spotify model is a success among users.

Although Apple has already taken some steps in this direction by launching streaming radio in iTunes, but it has not yet become very popular. It is hoped that the iPhone maker takes full advantage of the experience and the basis for the launch of the new Beats strimingovyh service in the coming year.

7. Cool Headphones

Light can see the new headphones from Apple, wireless, with support for Apple Watch and biometric sensors. Maybe it will happen in a more long-term than we would like, but the chances of it is still there. Firstly, one of the main functions of smart hours Apple announced control music playback on iPhone. It is believed that in the future Apple Watch themselves can store music. So that the function of broadcasting it to the connected to the clock on the Bluetooth headphones will be very important. Secondly, on the Apple already working professionals from the Beats, and they help to develop headphones with support for Apple Watch and Health (or recommend the right people for this).

As a result, these headphones will not only play music, but also to read the user’s biometric data such as pulse, blood pressure, and even the level of oxygen in the blood. Yes, smart watches Apple will own biometric sensors. But in the iPhone-something they are not, so that the sensors built into the headphones can come in handy.

8. Great iPad

We are waiting for the release of the 12-inch iPad. This assumption is based on the statements of the manufacturer about the plans of its penetration into the corporate sphere. For example, the company has been adapting its products to health professionals (it is convenient to use the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air).

However, in the corporate world, many dream of a gadget that would fill the gap between tablet and laptop, and iPad Air with a diagonal of, say, 12 inches could be such a device. Let’s wait for June and new announcements.

9. Apple Television “iTV”
It is unlikely that Apple’s TV will be released in 2015. Although the creation of hardware and software for the manufacturer, it seems, is not a problem, the main thing in this case – the content. A cooperation on favorable terms with its suppliers, such as Viacom, Disney and NFL, while talking very early.

10. Retina MacBook Air with TouchID

Almost certainly we can say that the updated MacBook Air to be. This can be a model 12-inch high-resolution display and a new USB-port. And maybe it will be integrated interface Touch ID to make purchases over the Internet. And why not?

Apple is very advanced in terms of technology, innovation has always been famous, and yet it mysterious. So jokes aside, but next year will show what all the same we should expect from their favorite brand. [via VentureBeat]

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