10 Years ago Today, Apple Launched The iPhone And It Changed Everything



Although it may seem like a lifetime, the iPhone has been around for 10 years now. The smartphone known around the world and that changed the concept of smart phone celebrates its tenth anniversary amid rumors about how the next iPhone 8 will commemorate this event.

No one doubts right now about the success of this device, nor that it has served to mark the way to the rest of manufacturers that, year after year, launch the “iPhone Killer” of turn. But its beginnings were not so successful, and its own creation was a rather tortuous road full of changes that ultimately fructified in the most successful product in history that has led Apple to be the most valuable brand in the world.


For ten years the iPhone has been changing, in its design as well as in its hardware and software. Apple has crossed many red lines we never would have thought, such as larger screens, opening their software to third parties or even the launch of the iPhone RED. But the essence is the same. Anyone could take an iPhone of any generation and could develop from the minute zero in a quite acceptable.

Apple has been able to evolve its terminal to remain the reference to beat, despite the competition is very hard and manufacturers are launching better products. During these ten years there have been very controversial decisions, such as changing the 30-pin Dock connector to the current Lightning, causing many users to throw away many of their speakers designed specifically for iPhone. Or more recently removing the headset jack betting on wireless technology as a way to listen to music.

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