Among the potential new products Apple has a single device, which in recent weeks has paid much less attention – this iPad Pro. 12-inch tablet, according to the latest data, can be equipped with a stylus. This fact was taken into consideration in the new concept device, created by designer Martin Hayek.

It is currently unknown how the display will get iPad Pro. There is version of voicing diagonal from 12-inch to 12.9-inch. In this case, the external device must be a lot like the current generation iPad Air and iPad mini. In addition to the biometric sensor Touch ID, tablet could get not two, but four speakers to create a full stereo sound.

However, Martin Hayek in his concept gave vent to imagination, but because iPad Pro received a rather unexpected appearance with enlarged scope of the edges of the display. It looks strange, but if you think about it, it is not devoid of common sense. Increased limits will keep the tablet with great convenience. Not counting the enlarged framework, all the other elements in place and repeat exactly known information to us.

Also, the designer paid attention to the stylus, which Apple has recently received a patent. Some rumors indicate that this device may be included in the package 12-inch iPad Pro. From the perspective of the people working with graphics and small objects on the screen iPad, it will be quite popular solutions.

ipad-pro-hajek-2 ipad-pro-hajek-3 ipad-pro-hajek-7 ipad-pro-hajek-8

For more information about iPad Pro, we expect to see even in this half-year. It is possible that Apple will raise the veil of secrecy over the future ruler of tablets during the conference WWDC, which will be held in June. [Martin Hajek]

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