12MP camera on iPhone 6s features a bigger sensor



The latest rumors about the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus is about both will have a 12 megapixel sensor. Although this possibility has already been around for a while, the Business Insider website got a wind of additional information regarding this APN. From the iPhone 4S, Apple has built a camera of 8MP, with several improvements over the iPhone outputs, future iPhone would mark a turning point by integrating a camera of 12MP.

According to Business Insider, the AFN iPhone 6s would be made of five layers as the current iPhone 6. But Apple would bring real improvements to offer a significantly better quality of picture taken. The new layers are five in number then adapted to 12 Mp sensor – letting in even more light – always with the goal of making the best photo taken in a low-light environment.

If the iPhone 6s receive a nice update to that level, it should be noted that know phones such OnePlus one 13 Mp camera already has six lens elements as AFN 8MP found in Samsung Galaxy S5 . It seems that Apple reserves the six layers to the NPC for the iPhone 7 due possibly next year, according to a source in the supply chain.

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