13-inch iPad Pro Photo Layout spotted On The Web



Apple adheres to the principle of strict secrecy of information. In the course of going even radical means like the prosecution calling for freedom of information. So if by chance , dear reader detects an unknown device in the bar with rounded corners , it should immediately send by email directly discovery Tim Cook . Just in case.

However , there are always heroes , not horrifying violence and regularly supplying the public with information curiously varying degrees of importance. So , earlier in the web photos appeared layouts iPhone 6 , destined to replace the existing apparatus . And now flowed into the network image of the new tablet iPad Pro. At least , so says the author of the image.

Leak photos posted on Weibo has the layout of the Apple tablet , which resembles to a big iPad Air. Judging by the image , the display of the tablet should not be less than 13 inches. In the upper left corner you can see the hole for the camera in the center – Apple logo.

iPad with a 13- inch display is one of the novelties of the cupertino company and so far, not much is known about it , except that the alleged specs and renders third-party designers. According to some reports , iPad Pro will run under the operating system iOS X. This is a specialized version of OS X, adapted to operate on mobile devices with touch screen. The base model will cost $ 1,000 . Announcement of the 13-inch iPad Pro will be held this Fall at a special Apple press conference.

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