Geekbench check outcomes for the MacBook pro laptop with Intel Core i5-4258U processor with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz. As reported by MacRumors, has not officially announced the laptop scored 7140 points in the benchmark, while the performance of the current most powerful MacBook Pro based on the Intel Core i5 2.6 GHz are in the area of ​​6800 points.

In Geekbench new laptop runs under code AAPLJ44, 1. He is running an assembly of custom operating system OS X Mavericks with a number 13A2050 and has 8 GB of RAM. Most likely, in the near future, Apple will officially unveil the updated MacBook Pro on chips Haswell. Computers for 5-8% more productive than their predecessors and will vary increased battery life.

“The benchmark, is operated by the dual-core Intel Core i5-4258U with a frequency of 2.4 GHz and is equipped with 8 GB of RAM. Boot ROM is dated June 5. Just as workstations and Mac Pro, the new laptops are running a special assembly OS X Mavericks at No. 13A2050 ».

Rumors that the empire of Steve Jobs is going to update the line of laptops MacBook Pro, appeared on the threshold of the WWDC 2013. It was expected that during the event, Apple announced the updated models of computers from the “professional” line of notebooks on Intel Haswell, but that did not happen. Company update is limited ultrabook MacBook Air.

MacBook_pro-1 MacBook_pro-2

It is worth noting that this morning in the database have been published Geekbench test new Mac Pro computer. The ultimate result’s proven a brand new laptop, is 23,901 factors, which is an absolute file. The take a look at outcomes comparability are on hand in the marketplace for the earlier technology Mac Professional account.

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