The new ultra-slim MacBook is not for everyone. In the shadow of the new model Apple has also updated the MacBook Pro 13 inch with Retina Display. Here, there are power and connections.

Clearly, the large stage was yesterday MacBook, together with its new technologies. But it has only one USB port C simultaneously for power connection, and data display. It also features a 1.1 GHz dual-core processor. Said angrily: Who wants to tap more than texts, should test the following model:

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display in the portfolio

If you want more power, associated with the MacBook Pro a friend. There is still the 13-inch model with optical drive and a “normal” screen. For the high-order model, we therefore can not save the phrase “with Retina Display”.

Power, speed, track pad – three innovations of the MacBook Pro 2015

Externally remained the MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina Display (almost) as its predecessor. The changes are taking place, especially under the hood. The three important:

  1.  Using a processor and graphics card update provides the MacBook Pro 2015, more power. It now expects an Intel Core i5 2.7 GHz dual-core models come in better equipment, we also get 2.9 GHz. In the self-configuration, also can choose an i7 3.1 GHz dual-core. The graphics card Apple uses the Intel Graphics Iris 6100.
  2. In the shallow unibody MacBooks the – that the models without a DVD drive – Flash memory has always been integrated. However, the generation now used is up to twice as fast as the previous work, Apple is as throughput up to 1.6 GB / s for the PCIe-based flash memory. The size range from 128 to 512 GB, optional, there is even 1 TB. Only costs properly …
  3. In the 13-inch MacBook Pro Trackpad Apple is the same as in a MacBook, the “Force Touch trackpad”. There are no more after, thus can click anywhere. Pressure sensors make this possible. As a result, the click still “real” feel, there is a haptic feedback, a sort of mini vibration. Our first attempt after this seems to work quite well. The technique allowed as a gesture “deeper” Press and a personalized trackpad sensitivity.
    The battery life suffers from these innovations not. According to Apple, it has even grown by one hour to 10 hours.

Additional features of the MacBook Pro 13-inch

As before, the other features of the MacBook Pro is good. The high resolution retina displays impressed by the high level of processing of the case as well. 8 GB of memory installed Apple (1866 MHz LPDDR3), optional, there are 16 GB.

When connections are offered:

  • 2x USB 3
  • 2x Thunderbolt 2
  • HDMI
  • Headphone jack (digital / analog combined)
  • SDXC card slot
  • Magnetic MagSafe power connector 2

The network connection contrast, there is only an adapter solution. Wireless transmission is the proposed option Fi 802.11ac is integrated, also Bluetooth 4.0.

Apple also provides lots of software: Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iTunes, GarageBand, …

Prices of MacBook Pro 2015 13 inch Retina Display

The new version of the MacBook Pro is available now – now at Apple, and shortly safe at all retailers with an appropriate range. The exchange rate for the dollar in euros prevents enthusiasm in competitions. Standard configurations:

2.7GHz dual-core i5 128GB Memory: $1,299
2.7GHz dual-core i5 256GB Memory: $1,499
2.9 GHz dual-core i5 512GB Memory: $1,799

More memory can be only in the most expensive model select – 1TB Apple requires an extra $500. Allows one to take the memory for all models increased to 16 GB for $200.

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