13-year old teenager Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire



A 13-year-old teenager put her smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone under the pillow before bedtime , resulting the device melting and caused her to wake up bu the smell.  By the time she woke, the galaxy s4 already burnt the pillow case due to the fact that there were no circulation where the smartphone was placed

Hearing of this case, Samsung has promised to replace the smartphone as well as bedding. The company asked the parents not to jump to conclusions and adopted in affected family burned apparatus to conduct a thorough investigation. Samsung reminded consumers not take phones to bed. In addition, not to prevent the smartphone to be obstructed from  air circulation and to avoid using fake batteries as it can result to major damages

Over the last year there have been several high-profile incidents involving devices Samsung. In one of these cases, HTC took the sluggishness of the Korean company, the protracted process of replacing burnt Galaxy S4. She has sent to replace the failed unit its flagship HTC One M8. True company has advanced one condition: if Samsung still send Galaxy S4, One M8 victim give to charity.

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