An upgrade of the internal iPhone memory seems unthinkable. Yet this is possible in Shenzhen, China. For $60 you can be there to equip a 16 GB iPhone with 128 GB. It is not new in the Asian market to find almost anything. This is a service that, at least for now, it is not unusual to see in other parts of the world.

Today, when we buy an iPhone, Apple usually receives a difference of $100 between the iPhone low to higher capacity (16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB), however, in the Shenzhen market this memory upgrade allow upgrading from 16GB to 128GB for just $60. Given that the iPhone 128GB normally $200 more than the 16GB model price, paying only $60 more, after purchasing a new device less able to have more of the model memory seems a good investment.

The process takes about 30 minutes, you can see in the video you’ll find below, as an employee of the Shenzhen market, after making a backup of the device information, disassembled the iPhone and performs the replacement process the internal flash memory chip with a new 128GB Toshiba. Once complete, all storage device is transferred to the new chip, so that no data is lost in the process and the user can continue using the device with all the information it had before the upgrade.

This increased memory, apparently it works for the iPhone 6, iPad Air and older devices. In this shop, local business BeSound, usually do about 50 memory upgrades daily, following the steps shown in the video.

Obviously as you might expect, when performing this type of upgrade to the device supposed to completely lose the Apple warranty. This could be the beginning of a new market in other parts of the world, where possibly see shops that specialize in increasing the memory of the iPhone for a good price, if Apple does not take action on the matter, since it probably does not Cupertino they will be too happy to see that an unauthorized third party to do this kind of modifications to the iPhone, voiding warranties and undermining their profit margins in the different models of iPhone. [via 9to5Mac]

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