1Password 4 launched for Mac OS X



AgileBits company has released a new version of desktop applications 1Password. In 1Password 4 for the OS X operating system , users can access a range of functions presented before only on mobile devices, the iPhone and iPad. Among them – the simultaneous entry on multiple sites and data synchronization via iCloud.

With the application 1Password, also available for iOS and Windows, you can safely store any sensitive information, including serial numbers , credit card numbers, passwords from web pages . The assets of 1Password – Support for all major browsers , as well as special mobile client base through which passwords are always at hand.

In 1Password 4 for the Mac for the first time includes support for iCloud. Now synchronize passwords , records , keys, and other information between the iPhone, iPad and Mac , you can use Apple cloud service.


The program also includes a new Favorites section – another feature of the mobile version of the application, and the ability to secure the exchange of information between iOS- and Mac- applications, such as Mail and Messaging. In addition , the application is characterized by new types of objects and native Cocoa- extension for Safari.

1Password 4 is free for users of previous versions , bought a Mac App Store or the official website of the company after January 1, 2013 . The cost of the program for new users for the first few days is $39.99. In the future, the price will rise by 20 %.

Download 1Password 4 can be from Mac App Store

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