The China Morning Information pronounced that Foxconn plans to hire as many as 20000 workers to work on the production of the iPhone 5. The company has received approval from Apple to produce 85% of the future stock of iPhone 5, or about 57 million units per year.

The news this morning strongly suggest that the iPhone 5 should become a reality this year. 
The China Morning News reveals indeed a lot of information on the production of future smartphone. First, we learn that a very big strike would have pushed Foxconn hire more than 20 000 workers to keep its commitments from Apple. The iPhone 5 would represent a significan
t portion of sales in 2012 with no less than 57 million units produced annually in the factories of the Asian giant.

In total, Foxconn would be responsible for 85% of the stock, and this mainly in Taiyuan, China. Because of the dominance of Apple, Foxconn has made ​​its iPhone production priority in China  , "said Yu, an employee of Foxconn Taiyuan. It now remains to verify the accuracy of this information and draw up a first major conclusion. 


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