Apple on the way to a 3-year cycle for major upgrades to the iPhone line and we should probably wait until 2017 with a new iPhone version. Rumors about the new iPhone models, expected on the streets this fall, will not offer any major ogradering has flourished long; But now, writes the renowned Asia reproduction corporate media Nikkei that it is a change of Apple strategy.

According to Nikkei, Apple started to change cycle for iPhone products. Instead of a major upgrade every 2 years then there’s the future to go three years between significant changes in the iPhone application. The expected new iPhone 7 would brings few improvements with, should not really expected majot changes. So there will probably be an improved camera, water resistance and an optimized battery capacity. Possibly dispensed Apple also to the headphone jack. It is also unclear whether Apple with call the upcoming smartphone  iPhone 7 or change it name.

The reason is that smartphones are now so developed that bad is room for major improvements every 2 years. If the Nikkei are right then comes the iPhone to be launched in the autumn, may not be called iPhone 7, but instead named it as a new variant of the iPhone 6.

However, there will be news to be found in the updated iPhone models this fall. The rumors going right now on an improved camera, better battery life, a waterproof housing and 32 GB as a standard size

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