In an event in China, Microsoft has announced the expected renewal of Surface Pro 4 with a new laptop called “Surface Pro”, without last names. With a line that maintains most of the good aspects of this hybrid between tablet and laptop, while looking to correct the errors of previous models.

The new Surface Pro of 2017, as we can distinguish it more easily, receives new processors of seventh generation of Intel that focus on a reduction of consumption able to grant more hours of battery. Another of the most interesting changes is the addition of editing functions that comes from his older brother, the Surface Studio.

With this model we can use the Surface Dial device, devised with the most creative users in mind, that allows you to navigate menus and perform actions with a few simple wrist twists.

In addition to the internal improvements, the new Surface Pen includes two interesting news: 4,096 levels of pressure, less delay, and you will be able to detect the angle at which the screen faces. In this way, the Surface software will be able to react better to the user’s intentions. Writing, painting or sketching will be much more similar to the behavior of their physical counterparts.

Its screen maintains the same 3: 2 aspect as the previous model, with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 in a size of 12.3 inches, which thanks to the small frames achieve a total size more than correct for this hybrid laptop. The total weight is between 770 and 790 grams depending on the version, yes, without the keyboard.

Inside we can choose from a complete but simple processor as is the Core m3 from Intel to a very powerful Intel Core i7 for the most demanding. We can choose to buy it in versions of 4, 8 or 16 GB of RAM and with options of storage of 128, 256 or 512 GB in SSD.

On the outside, the device is virtually identical to the model presented today 15 months, with a slight but useful change. The posterior lectern will allow you to recline the screen up to 165 ° so that we can use it comfortably as an illustration. The connections will be identical to those of previous models, facilitating the continued use of accessories for those who update their device.

The company has not given definitive prices or date of release to the new Surface Pro 2017, but we hope to know soon.


Microsoft has taken advantage of the launch of this new model to announce two great novelties regarding the Chinese market, one of its main sources of income. It will bring the Surface Studio on sale to the country, and also confirms that its next console, the so-called Project Scorpio, will also do so later this year.

Project Scorpio will be unveiled at E3 in Los Angeles, the largest video game fair in the world. June 11 is the date set in the calendar by many of the most enthusiastic, who hope to see all the power promised by Microsoft in the new console.

It will come equipped with a main processor of eight cores to 2.3 Ghz, a graphic card capable of processing six teraflops, 12 GB of memory for the whole system. According to the company will be almost five times more powerful than the current Xbox One, which will share much of the game catalog, and 40% more powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 4, its main rival in the industry and leading the Clear sales advantage over the past few years.

Available starting price at $799 for the most basic model. A price that does not include a keyboard or a stylus and it is expected to ship on June 15. The Surface Pen is not included in the box, it can be picked up for an additional $99.

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