2018 iPad Pro With 1TB Storage Has 6GB RAM


This new generation of 2018 iPad Pro, not only offers us a totally revamped, both inside and out, where the start button disappears and Face ID technology is incorporated. But also offers a model with 1 TB of storage.

Both the new 11-inch iPad Pro and the 12.9 iPad Pro, offer us 1 TB of storage, 1 TB that is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM, making a total of 6 GB. The rest of the models presented, including those that offer up to 512 GB of storage, only offers us 4 GB of RAM, the same RAM memory that already incorporated the first generation of iPad Pro that was launched on the market in 2015.

The new iPad Pros both have 6GB of RAM, according to Xcode (technically the kCoreThemeMemoryClass enum doesn’t map 1:1 but CoreUI only knows about 6GB devices so the iPad must be 6GB if not any prior value) pic.twitter.com/Oas1nOM5BM— Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) October 30, 2018

The prices of the new generation of iPad Pro start from 879 euros for the 11-inch model with 64 GB of storage, while the 12.9-inch model, also in its 64 GB version, is available from 1,099 euros, prices that have increased compared to previous versions, but that can be justified thanks to the new features and design offered.

The iPad Pro is not the only Apple devices managed by 4 GB of RAM. Without going any further, the iPhone X that was launched last year to the market was accompanied by 3 GB of RAM. This year, the new generation, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have expanded the RAM up to 4 GB, while the iPhone XR, is managed by 3 GB of RAM.

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