macbook air

Apple does not explain exactly what the problem is, but it does emphasize that it is a rare defect. According to an internal document sent to Apple Stores and authorized service providers, Apple will replace the motherboard in affected 2018 MacBook Air copies for free. The repair program has not yet been made public but has only been communicated internally so far. The document comes from a reliable source of MacRumors. Apple will send an email to affected customers to invite them to come to the Apple Store with their MacBook or have the repair carried out in some other way.

You can visit Apple’s support site if you are concerned about whether your MacBook Air is eligible. It is not possible to enter your serial number yourself, to check whether your MacBook Air is affected. An Apple representative or an authorized service provider must enter the serial number in the internal repair system. A message will be displayed immediately.

Apple will replace the motherboard up to four years after the original purchase date. If there is any other damage to the MacBook, it is possible to have your motherboard replaced if the extra damage is not in the way. You can also have the extra damage repaired immediately, but you will pay additional costs.

The fact that Apple has not made the repair program public is probably due to a very small number of customers. For the MacBook Air 2018, a butterfly keyboard repair program is already in place, which was recently expanded to include the latest models.

It is already the third repair program for MacBooks that Apple announces in a short time. Earlier there was a recall for the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2015 due to a battery problem and for the 13-inch MacBook Pro dee2016, there was a replacement program due to screen spots due to the back-light.

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