2018 MacBook Pro Keyboard Is Quieter, But More Reliable


macbook-pro-keyboardThe new MacBook Pro 2018, landed on the market last week have a significantly higher performance than its predecessors. So let’s analyze in detail what are the performance differences between old and new models.

According to the first tests conducted through Geekbench, the performance of the new MacBook Pro has exceeded up to a maximum of 86% those of previous models. John Poole of Primate Labs (the developers of Geekbench) on the issue said:

The 15-inch MacBook Pro is currently available with three new processors: 4.8 GHz Intel Core i9, 4.3 GHz Intel Core i7 and 4.1 GHz Intel Core i7. Each of them has 6 cores, compared with 4 in the models of last year. Single-core performance increased 12-15%, while multi-core performance increased by 39-46%. Since the internal architecture of the processors has not changed radically compared to those of last year, the increase in performance is attributed to a better Turbo Boost, more cores and DDR4 memories.

As for the 13 “MacBook Pro the processors inside are the following: Intel Core i7 4.5 GHz and Intel Core i5 3.8 GHz. Both have 4 cores, compared to 2 in the 2017 models. single-core increased by 3-11%, while multi-core ones increased by 81-86%. Also in this case the advantages derive from a greater number of cores and from the Turbo Boost frequencies.

(Sources: iFixit)

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