2019 iPad mini Teardown Shows Components From Different iPads


The 2019 iPad mini teardown shows that there are many similarities with the earlier model.

‘After three and a half years without a refresh, iPad mini has awoken from its slumber with some updated internals. Despite appearances, our teardown confirms that this is not just a shrunken-down version of the new iPad Air—it’s a reworked iPad mini 4, with some fresh silicon for 2019.’, according to iFixit.

After opening the iPad mini you immediately notice that something has changed. The connector of the battery is glued to the cover so that you immediately remove the battery when you open it. The iPad mini 2019 has a new battery compared to its predecessor. The connections have been renewed, making the previous batteries not suitable for this new model. At 19.32Wh, the battery is the same size as the previous mini. Other improvements that immediately come to the fore are the updated front camera and the True Tone sensors. The front 7MP camera is very similar to that of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro from 2017.

However, iFixit notes that disassembling an iPad is still a lot more difficult than with an iPhone. For example, the components of the home button are glued on, while with earlier iPhones it was much easier to replace. On the motherboard, there are iPad mini components such as the new A12 chip, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module and the touchscreen controller. Removing the motherboard turned out to be quite difficult. The teardown also showed that it has 3GB of RAM and that the mini has Bluetooth 5.0 on board.

iFixit concludes that the iPad mini 5 is more than a shrunken iPad. In terms of inner design, everything is largely unique, although there are similarities. This gives the iPad mini repair a score of 2 on a scale of 10. Loosening the screws is a plus, but replacing the battery remains complicated.

For the screen replacement, removing the home button is required to maintain Touch ID, which makes self-repairing can be quite complicated. You can find more photos and information on the iFixit website.

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