The first benchmarks of an iPhone listed as iPhone 12,1 running on iOS 13.1, the successor to the iPhone XR surfaces on the web. Here’s what we discovered.

This benchmarks produced with Geekbench 4 show that this model has an unidentified ARM processor and six 2.66 GHz cores and 4 GB of RAM, as anticipated yesterday by an unofficial datasheet. The motherboard is identified as “N104Ap”, the same internal numbering card used in the past by Apple. For comparison, the iPhone XR is equipped with a 2.49 GHz processor with 3 GB of RAM.

The score of this device on which iOS 13.1 is mounted is 5.415 in single-core and 11.294 in multi-core. On the iPhone XR 2018, the single-core score was 4,800.

The results could indicate the presence of a second co-processor that Apple should implement to handle the most expensive operations in terms of performance.


Note that the L1 instructions and iPhone data caches were read at 48 KB, significantly lower than the 128 KB recorded by Bionic A12 processors. Similarly, the L2 cache is 4 MB, compared to the 8 MB of the iPhone XR and XS series. The new iPhones will be presented on September 10th.

(Source: Geekbench)

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