2019 iPhones Will Likely Adopt New Antenna Tech

iphone antenna

Ming-Chi Kuo has published a new report for investors mentioning that 2019 iPhones will adopt a possible antenna technology.

Kuo also predicts that Apple will move away from the current Crystal Crystal Polymer technology and will move towards a new combination of technology Modified PI.

Kuo says there are several reasons why Apple will bring this change. One of these is related to the fact that the company has a lower bargaining power towards suppliers of LCP materials, moreover, it is also more difficult to introduce additional suppliers of LCP due to the complicated production process.

Furthermore, Kuo states that LCP is more fragile than other alternatives and therefore has problems with the rate of return, and the improvement in speed could potentially lower the antenna performance. Regarding the performance of the Modified PI antenna. Kuo says that the performance can be as good as LCP thanks to the improved fluoride formula.

The analyst explicitly expects that the iPhone models of 2019 will adopt four MPI antennas and two LCP antennas. Currently, the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max are equipped with six LCP antennas.

There will be five suppliers of MPI antennas for the iPhone 2019, this will allow Apple to improve its bargaining power, given that suppliers will have to compete with each other and lower the price accordingly. The technology of the LCP antennas used in the iPhone 2019 will be provided exclusively by the Japanese supplier due to its better vertical integration, according to Kuo.

For the average consumer, this change will not bring major changes. Both LCP and MPI will be involved in pushing for 5G technology.

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