iPhone 2020

Digitimes published a new report on the upcoming 2020 iPhone to feature a more advanced image stabilizer than current models which has optical image stabilization.

Since Apple introduced optical image stabilization on the iPhone, this technology has improved year after year. In 2020, the leap forward could be even more important, at least according to DigiTimes.

Apple could integrate a displacement sensor on the sensor capable of improving the quality of the optical image stabilization. The new mechanical image stabilizer would, therefore, have a greater impact on the image quality and videos recorded on the iPhone. This new technology would allow the stabilizer to be used in all iPhone lenses.

Currently, the OIS must be implemented in every single goal. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro presents the OIS on the main lens and on the 2x telephoto lens, but not on the ultra-wide-angle. The use of sensor stabilization would allow the same,
regardless of the lens used. With Apple intending to add a fourth camera, such a solution would be very convenient for the company

In addition, by removing OIS from lenses, Apple can ensure that each lens can offer the best possible quality. This could be just one of the many new features of the 2020 iPhone including 5G, fourth camera, and an iPhone 4-style design.

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