2021 iPhones may offer single 5G band support

2021 iphones

The upcoming 2021 iPhone 5G could feature both technologies that will support sub-6GHz and mmWave. 

According to a new report from DigiTimes (via MacRumors), the new iPhone 2020 will be very versatile in terms of connectivity thanks to extensive and complete support for 5G networks, regardless of the technology in use by carriers.

The abbreviations reported earlier refer to the two technologies used by the operators: the networks with mmWave technology are the fastest and are dedicated to the main urban areas, therefore only for large centers. Networks with Sub-6GHz technology instead cover the suburban and urban areas, therefore, the cities not extremely populated. In terms of performance, Sub-6GHz technology is faster than 4G but not as fast as mmWave for 5G.

According to DigiTimes’ report, all iPhone 2020s will support both technologies so they are flatly versatile, although a different approach is expected for 2021 that could make iPhones compatible only with one of the two technologies, perhaps depending on sales to lower their costs.

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